Reinventing Space Flight

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Reinventing Space Flight 4.5

Follow Dr. Ben Longmier and his team into the rugged Alaskan wilderness on a quest to build a whole new type of rocket engine. Their goal is to test sensitive components by launching them into radiation-filled environments of space aboard helium balloons. Their goal is to revolutionize space travel and exploration by harnessing the energy contained in the dynamic fourth state of matter: plasma.

This action-packed episode explores a big dream at the moment of its birth... taking us along to witness dramatic balloon launches on mountain glaciers, spectacular imagery inside the Sun, and flights through colorful geomagnetic storms.

This exciting show is about individuals who are challenging the odds and striking out to new frontiers. As part of a larger trend of private enterprise in space, their audacious plan is to seize the historic initiative by opening up whole new avenues of space exploration.

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I have always had a hard time going to sleep. I have tried damn near everything. Melatonin, vigorous exercise, a couple of drinks, hypnosis.. Etc. Nothing puts me to sleep faster than an interesting video like this. Maybe this is why I was only an average student. I am 54 and still find videos like this fascinating, yet they still put me to sleep. Must be something in my brain that shuts off when I reach a point of not being able to process information immediately. I still want to know everything about our solar system, galaxy, universe, and God.
The human brain is amazing. I wake up the next morning and things that confused me the night before suddenly make sense. The next evening I challenge myself to learn more and the same thing happens. This has gone on for 40 years. I guess I still have the curiosity of a child. Maybe that part of my brain never grew up.

Author — Paul H


343k views in 4 years, yet kardashian gets millions in a few hours, the futures not bright.

Author — Ash Kiff


I love this channel.  It's like an endelss repository of documentaries.

Author — Mr. Stebb


Always a pleasant surprise to see a SpaceRip video in my subscription box, let alone one that is 49 minutes long.

Author — Indy The Great



It's a BBC level documentary.

Author — tamenga88


okay sort ...but to me its more of Adventure sport than the real technology..!

Author — AkhandaBharat-GK


>Goes to youtue
>Goes to subscriptions tab
>Finds a new SpaceRip video :D
>Plays video then suddenly realizes the length
>Gets off seat and gets popcorn

Author — cypher


I really liked this one, well done SpaceRip! Plasma looks to be that missing part of achieving space travel till quantum travel is understood ;)

Author — Ano Nymous


Really! Doom Lake?! I dont like the sound of that!!! 37:00

Author — VRtechman


I'd like to appreciate for the exceptional videos; at some point I began feeling disappointed of what we (humans) have become and where we are going, but videos like this remembers me that their is still people out their who live life to do good to humanity and are passionate in their search for wisdom.

Author — blazerelf


amazing to see young people pushing technology and ideas to more affordable ways of exploration..too many face down in smart phones rather than face up to the skies…with smart phones ha!

Author — Museumz


Anyone ever wonder why it's so much different entering earth's atmosphere, then it is exiting?

Author — Joe Jack


Большое Спасибо! Все Ваши репортажи потрясающие. Спасибо за ваши познания, которые Вы передаете людям. Всё это шикарно.

Author — Valenin


I actually watched the whole thing, it was very exciting :D

Author — Adrian Tørring Haug


The panoramic views of the Earth as seen from the ISS plus the footage on the min 40:43, in conjunction with the computer graphics and the detailed explanation of the project, really offered an outstanding documentary as a result.

Author — Rafael H. Escobar


Anybody else pop on headphones and use these videos to go to sleep.. lol

Author — 512TEXAS GEAR


beautifully made scene by scene and very informative.

Author — mufflerstien


I've been waiting for a new cosmic journey foreva!

Author — アストロサンダー


gotta love SpaceRip. New telescopes plz&thankyou

Author — Red Herring


please, spacerip, never stop with these awesome and informative videos!!! your accent and voice is soo awesome! :)

Author — John Doe