Blue Angels Sneak Pass Chicago

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Blue Angels Sneak Pass Chicago 4.5

Blue Angels Sneak Pass.
Got the same video as the one on Saturday but with the added bonus of Blue Angel #5 being at least 100 feet closer to our location which made for even better reactions.

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05/02/2020 : Anyone else watching this video? It's been 3 years since I posted this video, but I still haven't realized my dream of going to America once, even once in my life. Is anyone an American citizen? I look forward to hearing from you. love you

Author — Make America Great Again


Its awesome when the crowd focus their attention on diamond formation then follow by a low pass to stun the crowd

Author — Federico Sagun


I'm not crying, there's just aviation fuel in my eyes.

Author — Coffee and bytes


When you live near an AF and Navy base, you see low flying planes all the time. It's the sound that let's all Americans sleep in peace at night.

Author — Chuck Taylor


I can't really think of anything that makes older people act like embarrassingly over-excited children. Blue Angels are rad.

Author — Logan Cormier


Teacher: All can leave class
Me: 3:15

Author — Jarek- Foggy


4:34 my tax dollars just made me crap my pants...and worth every penny.

Author — Todd Salvati


I’ve been to the Chicago show a couple times, as well as the Seattle and San Francisco shows. There’s always a point where I see them grouped but one is missing and I always look around like “Come on, where is he” and no matter how prepared I think I am they manage to get me every time. Best part of any show.

Author — LTMC Media


4:34 when yo girl tells you she’s home alone.

Author — Beaver


2:45 Only time a true American is happy to pay taxes... 'Murica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Turn volume ALL the way up then press 👉🏾 4:33

Author — Kompa Tevez


3:13 scared the spastic out of that lady.

Author — avenger007007


The best demonstration team!
Naval Aviators are the best of the best and trap on carriers

Author — Phil Montejano


"Come home"
"I can't"
"My parents arent here"1:36

Author — Axel Ramirez


makes you proud to me an american, merica..amen,the saddest thing to see is the missing man formation that just kills my soul to see that, but im typing with tears in my eyes right now, those people are so lucky to have been there to see this beautiful american tradition.trump 2020 folks do it again, one more time just to show them that there are people that still care.

Author — onewheelup


Search rasantes argentinos, perdon por no hablar ingles, me encanto el video!!

Author — matias nievas


3:18 the guy in the orange shirt got all butthurt lmaoo

Author — XxX Coolin


Fleet week in Baltimore with the Blue Angels is the best. They fly over Fort McHenry and the Inner Harbor. It’s awesome!

Author — PinkHawk191


The great thing about these is the fact that they're not going full out.

Author — Allen Hughes


He was in next zip code by the time they heard him

Author — jmh30us


I'm so envious of you guys across the pond!

Our local air displays (Channel Islands) used to be awesome decades ago; now we're not allowed onto the beach, boats are banned from the bay, aircraft have to stay at a distance away from the shore, they don't fly low and fast anymore, in fact in general they all seem to mosey about at a leisurely pace.

RIP fun, hello 'elf 'n safety, 😕

Author — KumaBean