I Believe and I Trust in Hashem - Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman

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Song I Believe and I trust in Hashem- Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman singing

♫ I believe in Hashem,
I trust in Hashem,
there never is a moment when,
that I am alone that I’m on my own,
I believe and I trust in Hashem,

♫ And I understand that He is holding my hand,
that every step is perfectly planned,
He is holding me tight so I will be alright,
I believe and I trust in Hashem,

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Thank you this song has been lifting my soul and trust in HaShem blessings

Author — Mario Arteaga


I too believe in him and he will Never leave me nor forsake me.

Author — Lisa Barnes


I believe i trust in hashem with my life

Author — Maria Tchernina


those are some real bars right there🔥🔥

Author — YoPo


5783 A M., Father first love, 2023 A.D. son big love, Praise our Heavenly Father, Hashem!!

Author — Tim Miller


Wiii love heim that lighttrenden in heart

Author — ev3goddess y.o. Chandler