Isis Hunters: Who Are The White Shroud? | Guardian Explainers

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Isis Hunters: Who Are The White Shroud? | Guardian Explainers 4.5

A group of guerrilla fighters in Syria has been hunting down and killing Isis members.
The gang, known as The White Shroud, is made up of Syrian opposition fighters and operates in Deir Al-Zor province.
The White Shroud is one of a number of guerrilla groups that have emerged since Isis overran the area earlier this year.




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Syrian army and Russian army are the only ones who really fight ISIS and other terrorist groups

Author — ِAli Habib


ISIS are a product of the west and their allies in the middle-east. It's just a marketing exercise to re-brand al Qaeda because the powers-that-be need to keep the war on terror alive and well for as long as possible. Once ISIS fades from the limelight, the powers-that-be will simply re-brand them again, over and over and over, until there are central banks in every country on the globe. Ask yourself if you or anyone else you know has ever seen a terrorist in action, plotting to blow us all up. Terrorists are nothing more than a figment of our imagination, a media conspiracy theory. More people die from bee stings in the west.

Author — James Ledger


les enfoires qui tirent dans le dos d hommes ou de femmes agenouillés= daesch

Author — tania vero rachel stalinskaya debesse kazeirskaya


Lol at not mentioning Russia or the Syrian army which actually have a group called isis hunters in its elite ranks which have done the most damage to isis

Author — Rich 40


It seems isis has no friends to play with, aawww what a shame :-D

Author — rav ravensdale


Once isil is defeated in iraq and they leave behind sleeper cells its the white shroud who will hunt these guys down, once everyone gwets back to their neighbourhoods they will notice strangers.

Author — david atherton


God bless white shroud!Where do I sign up.

Author — Molon labe!


Moderate syrian terrorists against sectarian terrorist LOL

Author — Fiito


Ask yourself were is all this trucks, guns, an ammo coming from ask the CIA just think people to much heroin in the us chapo can't supply all that our own government is bringing it to kill us an control us Americans

Author — Dolores Perez


How do I join White Shroud? ISIS have been openly recruiting for awhile now. Well, I want to join an anti-Isis group. I care nothing for the politics of that region. After the destruction of the historic site of Nimrud.. something has to be domne and inaction is the worst form of action.

I'm beginning to feel that I can no longer sit by and do nothing, nor can I rely upon my own government to act - because 9 times out of 10 the UK government never does the right thing unless it's in their best interests.

So I want to join an anti-isis group so that something can actually be done.  I don't care about fighting Assad - like Saddam he's a necessary evil; I am only interested in killing Isis members.

Author — Stephen Clark


Yes Yes. Islamic State isn't afraid 60+ crusader countries but they are definitely afraid of some Sahwat FSA rats. OK OK

Author — Desoldering Pump