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Who has your data? - BBC Click 5

Who has your personal data and what is being done with it? Click investigates Facebook's data sharing practices.

Twitter: @bbcclick

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"With software there are only two possibilities: either the users control the program or the program controls the users. If the program controls the users, and the developer controls the program, then the program is an instrument of unjust power. " - Richard Matthew Stallman #StallmanWasRight

Author — pm79080


All I need Click to do please is sort out the volume levels on these videos on youtube As I had to push up the TV volume to 50% higher than normal and even then the volume was still sounding low?  Such great shows But they need to get the volume sorted.

Author — Colin Campbell


Exploring themes that are "in our world today" how would he know, as he ever been in it?

Author — Tim Collins


You guys should try making a complimentary series on YouTube for this show for more audience interaction. It's way better than the garbage masquerading as tech news here in general.

Author — Sentinel Prime


❌ Anyone watching BBC Click should be AWARE That BBC Click recommends Software and Mobile Apps with Viruses in them

Author — Jennifer Wayans


like your show and it has geat tech new

Author — max blade


I’ve forgotten the last time I had social media on any of my devices other than YouTube, Google+ was the last one and I got rid of that when they disconnected it from YouTube. Even YouTube is getting tediously repetitive these days, the things I enjoy have been covered and recovered many times and the original content worth watching is few and very far between. If it wasn’t for channels like Ancient Architects, Phil Di Franco, Bright Insight and a couple of others I’d have left long ago.

Author — Paul Keating


Deactivated facebook a long time ago !!!!

Author — Shankar Palaniappan


Porn is a movie made entirely in VR, though, they do become somewhat repetitive, ... a feature length move in VR would be awesome, though we've a little to go prior to this happening.

Author — Gary


I liked the Travis translator. Thinks its gonna be popular but it should add African languages to be useful in south Africa like Xhosa and Afrikaans.

Author — dericka du toit


Do people actually say I want some tap water? lol

Author — Kyle Hanna


their has to be a middleman when its information so as humans we better prevent loop holes or wait for a being that will invent gravity to communicate.

Author — madvincy


Can my 12-year-old drive and my 97-year-old mother? What is a driving test going to be for? I can text all day long and get stoned and drunk now. My car can steal itself and return to the bank if I'm 30 seconds late on the bank transfer because the internet was slow. Can the car speed if its an emergency? Will police have cars that can send a message to your car to proceed to the Police station to be searched for drugs etc? Can your car automatically detain you by seat belting you in? Can your dog get a ride to the park and come home without permission from you. I am really worried about my parrot telling the car to take him to a forest to escape from me and his crappy fake bird food.

If I want to go somewhere, will my car argue with me and tell me that's a bad discussion. I want to go to the Transvestite bar! I demand you take me now. I'm sorry Dave I can't do that. Skrew you I'm taking Uber. I will lock you out of your house if you do that Dave.

There are hundreds of this issues I hear no one discussing. A recipe for havoc?

Breaking News: A London women was having a baby and told the car to take her to the hospital fast. The car is reported to have replied that her car insurance was late and the bank deactivated the vehicle until she called and made a payment. Then the car would be reactivated in 24 hours as a penalty plus a charge for reactivation.

Author — Chaz Buck