Donald Trump Is Denying U.S. Intel And Reality

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Donald Trump Is Denying U.S. Intel And Reality 5
The President's rejection of U.S. intelligence speaks to his larger inability to accept reality.

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Ok — it’s time for everyone to accept that the lines have been drawn here. If you still somehow stand behind Donnieboy Littlehands, you’re either hopelessly delusional or hopelessly amoral. Either way, you’re hopeless. The rest of us need to stop wasting time trying to convince the willfully ignorant to pay attention. They won’t. Ever.

So it’s time to wrap this up, and do that thing Donnieboy made his temporary mantra — let’s clean up the swamp. The Trump swamp. He’s objectively one of the most amoral humans to ever step foot in that office, much less sit at the desk. He has no place in a country that believes in freedom and equality. None. It’s time he goes now...

Author — Jes Ewers


"I accomplished the military" Sounds like when a Japanese game is poorly translated.

Author — adam goessl


"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." 1984, George Orwell

Author — Progressive Humanist


Nursing home. Put him in an all male nursing home.

Author — Jamee Choi


The more I listen to Trump, the smarter George W. Bush seems in hindsight... and I find that fact very disconcerting!! Trump has simply taken stupid to new heights.

Author — Efosa Oyegun


Scholars will be studying the insanity of this Presidency for centuries!

Author — 845835ab


Anyone who still supports Trump is clinically insane

Author — Celtic Wolverine


Lies, doubletalk, doublespeak, gaslighting... yup, this is definitely a Trump presidency.

Author — tommyt1971


Is this actually happening? Surely this is just some drug fueled nightmare.

Author — Luke Rice


Trump is literally insane.
I'm not joking. He's literally LITERALLY out of his mind.
You give that nutcase to a psychiatrist and they'll have him in a straight jacket within the hour.
There is a literal mad man in the oval office.

Author — N R


I could have lived happily without hearing Trump share his weird Pelosi fantasies. TMI

Author — Andrea Hood


If Mueller cannot drag the president out kicking and screaming, we need to send qualified doctors in to do it. The man is broken in the head, really badly.

Author — Giovanni Magnus


The Emperor is not only naked he is stark raving mad.

Author — debra biderman


Trump is very good at building things and not paying for them.

Author — tecums3h


Totally insane: dementia + narcissism + extreme meanness is a wicked combination.

Author — Bia Edwards


Colbert is funny as hell.... but there's nothing funny about the lying Traitor in

Author — Everblue Freediving


At first, it was funny. But as time goes by, it's actually painful to see a US president acting like this.

Author — Becca禦寒


I’d appreciate Trump a little bit more if he “built more peaches” instead of a wall. Could you imagine peach orchards everywhere in DC? 🍑 🍑 🍑 #buildthepeach

Author — kevikna


"Peach"? Rhymes with 'IMPEACH' lol

Author — John A Neilson


The only peach that the Moron in Chief should get is an Impeachment.

Author — CARMEN LOZADA (Brizyinpink 15)