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Not a pick-up-and-play game, more like a pick-up-and-what-the-hell-are-these-controls game...

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This is another undervalued, highly competent action game on the Mega Drive/Genesis. Your description of this game is pretty much spot on. I've always thought of R-Type mixed in with a bevy of classic Mega Drive run and guns and mind scrambling controls. It is still an exciting game to this day.

Author — Melvin Blackburn


The 3D effects of the scrolling on the background of the level you were showing in the last shot I always thought were very cool

Author — OrfinMusik


What an awesome looking game. Never even knew this was a thing to know about. Thanks Drunk!

Author — VanFullOfCheeseSandwiches


One of my favorite Genesis games! Top 10 for sure. Hate that more people don’t talk about it more.

Author — Rabid Rabbit


Finally my favorite Genesis game! Now if we can just get Sega to resurrect this gem on new consoles.

Author — D Sims


Dude more genesis reviews please!! Also it’d be great if you gave attention to the best games in each sports category like you did on the snes...please:)

Author — Casual Play


Ranger X is pretty accessible. A decent learning curve but overall balanced difficulty. From a graphics, music, gameplay aspect all top tier.

Author — Super Sexy Sega


Tough game to get into for sure. I've tried on multiple occasions. It is beautiful tho

Author — Neo Genesis


128 on-screen colors, baby! This is a terrific showpiece for Genesis’ hardware and a great example of the brilliant coding that had emerged around that time.

Author — Daniel Thomas MacInnes


Another awesome video.
I must say, you instantly became a favorite of mine.

Keep up the good work, dude!
Always a great rest of my day after a shot of SNES drunk!

Author — thenifell


I love this game. This to me was like how Cybernator was to SNES from the first time I played it.

Author — chaseman94


I haven't played this game in over twenty years, I'm still surprised that I even managed to complete it a few times back then. It was a tough game but really quite fun. One of those rare gems that is usually overlooked.

Author — Reina Watt


Your channel has grown-up so much, that's really cool to see your efforts making it reach 100K ! :)
Great video on a cool game !

Author — Tiosulfate



Author — Dara M


Great video. This is a great game that doesnt get alot of attention. I rarely see it mentioned. I picked it up used through mail order many years ago. It definately has a unique feel and control scheme, but once you adjust its alot of fun.

Author — TheConsole Killer


Maybe the best technically executed game of Mega Drive!!

Author — PROShinekito


Hello Snes Drunk! Thank you so much for showing me this game! As a fan of mech genre, I'm always pleased everytime I see an awesome mech games that has good mech design(both real type, super type, and SD) from retro console that makes stuff go boom, which makes me think... since you're fine at listing specific games that has the same themes and genre, how about you do a list of mech games from retro consoles since no one seem done it on Youtube. Again, thank you so much for good videos!

Author — Halim 02spzvo


You are honestly my newest favorite Youtuber! I grew up with the super nintendo and none of my friends have nostalgia for it like I do. So it's refreshing to see it still so relevant so someone nearly 30 years after its release. Thank you for all the awesome content!

Author — Themcgannclan24Backup


I could go on and on about how good this game looks and sounds. That's what drove me to better understand the game play, the visuals and sound. I just love how unique and detailed the graphics are, and how the music perfectly complements it.

Author — Andrew Fryer


holy baloney, this looks amazing. thank you for drawing attention to yet another great-looking title that SNES kids like me never knew about!

Author — brinstar gardening society