Volunteer from Germany fighting in NAF ranks about situation in Donbass

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Volunteer from Germany fighting in NAF ranks about situation in Donbass 4.5

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[???]. Everything is wrong what you see on German TV and read in German Newspapers [???] how should [???] what is wrong or right, you should come to Donezk or Lugansk and hear for yourself what the people tell you [???] but that is your decision if you belive me or not

in very broken German.

Author — Andreas Kraft


да это русский-немец. очень плоха по немецкий говорит.

Author — Alexander Diehl


lol he has a very rough Russian accent, it sounds like he is speaking Silesian Polish almost to me :p

Author — Steven Zhukov


These military volunteers fighting for East Ukraine are the heroes of the world as they stand up against the privately owned war mongering USA Federal Reserve bank that has been controlling the USA Government which in turn control the puppet Kiev Government .

Author — Unconventional Thinkers


Basically He is talking about the lies of the media here in Germany.The people who dont believe him should go to Donetsk and ask the people there.

Its a bit windy there.I could not understand every word, but he is right!!!

Author — Dude811000


i try to translate, he speaks broken German + wind makes it hard to understand, but basically its:
Ladies and Gentlemen, things you watch on tv and read in newspapers are all wrong (falsificated). If you want to understand whats right or wrong (e.g. the truth) you must come to Donezk or Lugansk and see for yourself and listen to people who live there..*wind wind wind*, then he says something like (i`m not sure): but thats your thing, you can believe me or not

Author — Terestien Schizophim


Either he has simply learned some bits of the language or he hasn't lived in Germany for long since his German is really terrible.

Author — Sethiro


That guy is no native German, he speaks with TERRIBLE grammar and EXTREME ACCENT. Maybe he worked in Germany, or he could be Turkish/whatever Immigrant, who did not learn German properly.
Your translation already says it all anyway, basically:
What you see in German TV and newspaper is complete disinfo.
Instead of consuming this false info, you should come to Donesk and see yourself, and hear what the people say.
It is your decision if you believe me or not.

Author — TheHorsenation