Lems Boulder Boot Long Term Review

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Awesome review! Thanks for sharing your experience, Ive been thinking about this boot

Author — Andrew Ditalia


Moccasins are a cold weather minimalist/zero drop 😁

Author — JM


Thanks for the review. I have two pairs of these Lems boots. I have a full leather I wear to work and a canvas pair I wear around town. My boots I wear to work failed after only two months; the glue that holds the sole on stopped holding the sole on. I hope Lems can make a boot that has the sole stitched on and maybe more durable. I really just want a boot with no heal for work which is incredibly hard to find. I wrote a review to Lems and an email. Hopefully they can improve the quality of how the sole is held on.

Author — Nate Pohl


Great review. I have owned the Primal for years and ready to buy the Boulder Boots. You said you wound up in the size 47. What is your normal USA shoe size? I like roomy shoes and will be wearing socks with mine, probably wool or cotton rag socks. Torn between the 47 and 48 size. My real size is around a 13 EE but I often buy a 14 wide just to have wiggle room

Author — Anthony Miller


Mukluks for cold weather!
I so wish Lems made a grippy sole! Just got a pair of Vivo Trackers. They were $200 ON SALE and took a month to arrive AFTER paying extra for “express shipping”. 🙄
They are thick-soled and inflexible, feel just like a pair of regular hiking boots but with zero heel drop. Nowhere near as comfortable as my Xeros. But they were the only leather upper minimalist boot I could find with a sole that wouldn’t leave me ice skating. And Vivo’s customer support has been not good at all. Refused to even look up my order for me. When boots arrived, they were shipped from the Netherlands! I would like nothing to do with Vivo! We’ve got to get Lems to fix their soles or Xero to bring out more natural materials. And why the heck doesn’t someone make a minimalist desert boot with a good sole?

Author — Lena Voyles


I usually wear 47 vibrams or a size 13w (or eeee)...not sure if I should move up to 48 with Lems...

Author — Belemrys


I wish someone made something like the Mini Mil boot, but in all leather and resoleable. I need a 8-10" boot without drains for all the snow and rain.

Author — XC


Bummed about the lack of wet traction. The Vivos are way too expensive for what they are, imo. If the Boulder had decent outsoles, I'd be all over them. I actually think they'd look fantastic and perform better if you waxed the canvas and leather with some sno-seal. If they dropped the injection blown rubber for something like a Vibram sole, would be better. Thanks for the great review.

Author — A P


Your still lading on your foot arch which is obviously collapsed. Try consciously landing on the outer part of your foot.

Author — Martin


no real YouTubers backing these lems because they suck, i own the waterproof version, not waterproof for long, all seams broke apart after 1 winter, no traction at all, dont waste your money.

Author — weozol