Cat Vs. Dinosaur - Cat Spooked, Then Befriends a Robot Dinosaur - Maya The Cat

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Cat Vs. Dinosaur - Cat Spooked, Then Befriends a Robot Dinosaur - Maya The Cat 4.5

Maya The Cat meets her new toy: a robot dinosaur. At first she is suspicious and spooked.
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For those wondering how it all ended, the dinosaur got killed by an asteroid.

Author — Awibrahor


When the aliens come we need to send a cat as an ambassador.

Author — RaCology


May have​ found the solution to helping Japan solve their problem with Godzilla

Author — Leonard Johnson


Why gravity dosent work when cats get scared

Author — mark v1


When you see a cat squint his eyes in the face of an adversary or even the owner, it is a sign of peaceful submission. Maya seems to be trying to placate the Robot by doing this at one point...

Author — Funkstar124


I think your cat wants another animal to play with

Author — TIAHOE


2:02 It’s over Anakin, i have the highground

Author — Đào Quốc Hưng


I like how the cat at first is like "ZOMG, this is the scariest thing

Then later the cat'ss like, "Oh wait, it's retarded." * Repeatedly bonks dinosaur on head. "

Author — plucas1


0:20: Jesus Christ, it's alive
2:51: Awww, you so cute

Author — Hien Bui Ngo The


The cat had something to examine for awhile at least. She tries to get more and more familiar with it and not that scary after awhile.
3:57 Nope! Still scary.

Author — Pansarkryssaren VrakFiaskot


The cat was quoted as saying "HIGH GROUND!" when it got on the chair.

Author — Zoomer30


I understand kitty. I was feelng ya all the way on that one.
WoW thats an inquisitive playfull cat tho. ! most would have been bored by it before then.

Author — Jason Graves


0:22 Me when I bump into my crush in the hallway

Author — AOut


The cat said, “ He has a big mouth, but he’s no threat to me. Just keep him away from my food, toys, and bed, and maybe he can stay.

Author — Little Joe


When you're trying to fight a lvl 30 boss but you're lvl 10

Author — Pet Cheetah


2:12 I think, she is trying to hypnotize the toy dinosaur.

Author — Kannan Chandrasekar


Dino looks like my first day as a kid learning to ice skate.

Author — Victor Bonilla


0:20 "Hmm, looks like some kind of funny statue. I wonder what - MOTHER OF GOD, IT'S ALIVE!"

Author — Adiraiju


After about 5 minutes it becomes a wildlife documentary.

Author — Tim Hallas


You were very respectful in playing with your cat ... most people would amuse themselves by scaring the cat right away, but you allowed the cat to explore which made for hillarious viewing. Thanks.

Author — J