Mob Piru VS Crips & Bompton Pirus

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In This Episode I Will The Deadly Mob Pirus From Compton & Their Crazy Wars With Other Compton Piru Sets & Crips

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That come to death row speech will never EVER get old 🤣🤣🤣

Author — @Charmer4856


There was more inner gang violence because your more likely to beef with people interact with most. Its harder to beef with somebody across the city who you’ve never met than against the people you see everyday and actually interact with.

Author — @larrycoleman9513


What made the Piru internal war so dangerous, is they all knew each other very intimately. When your once friend, now foe…knows where you lay your head and where your duck off spots are…you’re done‼️

Author — @Renegade-jk4ux


Thru all that death and pain I STILL got love for all ya'll Black&Brown Kings out there in Cali regardless of what Gang you rep. I hope one day all this shit can end. but until then...

Author — @TheOneJPtv


Thanks for sharing 🙏🏾
Prayers out for those trying to recover from the passing of their loved ones 🕊️
Prayers out for those incarcerated and those on that path 🕊️

Author — @majorphenom1


Imagine getting a lengthy life sentence and within the first 3 months of serving you're already bored, lonely, horny and home sick. And then you realize you have 20 plus more years to go. Imagine a friend gets out and you realize you got 50 more long lonely years to go.

Author — @blast4me754


Just tragic to see young black people killing each other for nothing.

Author — @MrWolfpound


Watching this video make me respect ACEBOY Pun and Mackwop because they can co exist in the same room laughing and joking with no issue

Author — @1813quan


“They tell me it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doin’ all the killing here”-Tupac

Author — @benisrael5169


This is where I grew up. When I was a teenager we could walk all through these hoods then all of sudden when I was about 25 all the hoods was beffing. I couldn’t walk from the MOB, to the CAP, and I couldn’t go to Luis Burger in Lueders Park, almost all the OG big homies was dead and now it’s way different. It’s really sad 😢

Author — @kendokote


I’m from San Diego and the bloods and pirus were beefin the most. Crips weren’t far behind. Still are . We gotta stop this BS.

Author — @jaimebarba2814


"Back in the 60's our brothers and sisters were hanged how could you gang bang" - Self Destruction 1989

Author — @newyorktechworld6492


Damn I never realised how bloody they war was

Author — @jey524


🎶I never ever ran from the klu klux klan, and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man🎶
Kool Moe Dee: “self destruction”

Author — @trevorjames4619


That war after the Pac shooting was vicious. Eastside was on 🔥.

Author — @Lilbigmeat


Great job on the video, even though this is a sad story. You did a great job 👏 👍

Author — @christopherpatrick6012


It’s crazy how we go back and forth between each other No body going to win that war 😔

Author — @jamarparker1


The amount of bodies that dropped is insane and sad

Author — @cmontalvo194


To correct u homie my hood West Side 🅱️ompton Piru is the mother ship for the Pirus then Lueders Park Piru was the next big Piru set on the east side

Author — @tishawnpenn1428


#WarInCali back with another video drop !!! That means I hit the weed and tap in every single time thats the routine lol 😂 keep dropping heat WIC the real ones is tapped in witchu no cap at all !!!! 🔥🙏🏾✊🏾✌🏾💯

Author — @CeaserBTradeGang