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USD - Eugen Enin last clips 2012 - "There were a lot of things going on this year. I got used to being a student, a tumour was removed from my thigh and I had the opportrunity to skate in my homecountry Ukraine, where I won the contest...
I planned on dropping 2 edits this year, but due to the fact that I attended to many events and contests, I couldn't manage to drop 2, so I decided to put my favorite clips in one single edit. Sorry for the skechty landings, but I wanted to show a different type of spots for my skating. Have fun with it and Merry Xmas to everyone of you."

#usdskates #eugenenin #blading

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logic - one
hes not rly famous or something but def sick

Author — Delmo The Oblivious


reminds me of lomax and eisler put together, but not quite as much experience...
sweet edit though.

Author — Niko Salaman