PR UNBOXING with My Sister Erika ... Episode 22

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PR UNBOXING with My Sister Erika ... Episode 22 5

This was sooo Much Fun!
xo's ~ Tati

✔ S N A P C H A T

✔ I N S T A G R A M

✔ T W I T T E R

✔ F A C E B O O K

✔ E M A I L

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This entire family is genetically gifted

Author — Clara Li


When both sisters have amazing hair and skin can't relate

Author — meghna


Raise your hand if you want Tati to create the perfect foundation!!!

Author — Dawn Kelly Gets Real


I just love how Tati always mentions that Erika's a nurse at least 5 times 😂❤️

Author — Renee Kuiper


Erika "can I have this?"
Tati "take it"
Erika "I have a bin" 😂😂

Author — Gotta_Clay_Em_All


When Erica said she wants to be an icon i immedietaly thought GIRL, BEING A NURSE YOURE AN ICON AND A HERO ON A DAILY BASIS

Author — pbaransk4


Tati: “I need to put on a tshirt...”

Comes back all glammed up with a leopard print hot dress and knee boots🤣🙌💃🏻

Author — Kimmy Cee


Love that Tati made the palette aesthetically pleasing, where she grouped similar colors together. Where as the Natasha Denona palette she showed had the colors all over the place...Hope your makeup line blows up!!

Author — Joann Namgung


Tati:" you look like you drink alot of water "
Erika: " I am so hydrated " 🤣🤣

Author — lovely_creslyn


Erika's makeup is AMAZING. Her highlighter is incredible.

Author — K Mosh


It's crazy how much they look alike :O And also. Erika looks like she could be one of those iconic 90s supermodels SO beautiful I am in awe <3

Author — Gvantsa Nadiradze


I have never gotten anything from a youtube "influencer" but I don't think I've wanted a palate more in my life. So excited for you Tati!

Author — Shannon Mcsoley


Tati Beauty palette is going to be an instant classic. I need it.

Author — Ester Tor


Tati: “Details will be in the description”
Description: “Watch video for details”

Author — Cheeta246


she's literally such an icon. everything she does is amazing. like I wish I was her

Author — Bernie B


Can’t wait for this palette to restock! I absolutely love Tati! My daughter has followed her for a long time and now I’m hooked too!! Congrats on your line! And on Halo also! Such an inspiration!

Author — Julie Mosby


“You look like you drink a lot of water” 😂😂 Love it!

Author — Karsa s.


This was fun to watch, I'm close to my sisters as's such a special bond. Congrats on Tati beauty! Wishing you so much success!

Author — KimmysCorner


"it's so hot!!" -Says Tati....who is wearing a turtleneck....

Author — Megan Coulter


I can relate to Tati laughing non-stop cause she needs a nap💤 A nap is all I need these days. Other than Tati's palette😅🤤

Author — Joe Il