CrossTalk on Iran: Going to War?

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CrossTalk on Iran: Going to War? 4.5
U.S. president Donald Trump took center stage at the United Nations this week. The Middle East was very much on his mind, particularly Iran. For some, sitting in the General Assembly Trump’s words were simply laughable. However what is happening in the Middle East and beyond is anything but funny.

CrossTalking with Roozbeh Aliabadi and Kamal Alam.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Τhe orange clown can't invade Melania, but he wants to invade Iran and make ISIS great again.
Make love, not Trump.

Author — Nikakis Kainourgios


Trump Zionst puppet want wars with Iran because of Israel, and the world laugh on him because he is Zionst clown orange one.

Author — Moon Hope


The American Administration are a bunch of liars who have just earned the title of clowns.

Author — Mohammad Doofesh


All the ZioCon traitors to humanity need to face justice

Author — Some Soul


Palestine needs some S300s defense system!

Author — Mando H


Fantastic analysis! Well done Crosstalk and Guests.

Author — Kurt Fram


Collapse of the petrodollar and zionist / wahabi handlers who financed him also want vengeance is what is triggering this hysteria. Reality is Iran is one of the cradles of civilisation and primary regional power in all facets inclusive of cultural, economic if allowed to trade freely, highest and most educated demographic in the region, most proven amount of hydrocarbon reserves (oil & gas), top 8 most mineral rich in the world, strategically placed geographically connecting east and west etc.

In nutshell Iran is the last remaining country Rothchilds and zionist banking cartel has not been able to fully pillage. This is why they are thirty for our blood, it has little to do with democracy, if that was the case then our head chopping neighbours would not be on UN Human Rights council. Also worth noting, rest of the world is sick and tired of wars. Eurasian bloc also recognises Iran as third most important pivot in new silk road so it is not a coincidence JUSA is picking fights with China, Russia and Iran. Turkey and Germany are also flipping and jumping from the sinking ship so it is mere formality hegemonic aspirations will be curtailed. Once the world frees itself from the shackles of petrodollar and they are forced like all other countries to trade for a living instead of printing worthless paper and holding the world against its will we will see substantial reduction in terrorism and wars and will see considerable improvement in peace, stability and prosperity!

Author — Ash Shafiezadeh


Peter thank you good show and 2 good analysis great.

Author — Auguy Monkoto


Tell our israel handlers we dont war in the middle east. And then tell the Rothschilds that theyre ponzi scheme is going to crumble.

Author — yourdeadgrandpa1 sup


The worst thing the Zionist could have done what's to undermine Putin with threats of replacing him LOL trying to harm Putin years ago change the whole game. He is making a statement he is a lord of domain not a puppet. I'd like to tell him thanks

Author — shandclub


Imagine for a moment that Trump is a clandestine zionist saboture ...and that his mission is and has ALWAYS been to destroy the USA from within ( an Israeli goal )...when current affairs are seen thru this lens...all we are seeing makes perfect sense.

Author — Heiner Ali


Presidents Evo Morales/ Nicholas Maduro gave some inspirational speechs which called USA/Israhell crimes!

Author — Cheryl Brandon


S-300s being delivered to Iran as we speak. By the end of this year, Iran will have their full compliment of S-300s. Attacking Iran, the country that has never invaded another country for many years, will not be easy. The US and UK thought their puppet Saddam could do it quickly, it never happened.

Author — Pete fromtheIsland


Russians are amazing chess players. They sacrificed, very sadly, one of their own to gain the upper hand by placing the S300's across Syria at the same time protecting the involvement of Iranians and check mating the terrorists and their supporters

Author — Kambeez Sobhani


NHaley is hilariously ridiculous! She's typical "American in power" who use double talk, unreasonable & can't hear their own selves. She's making an argument for her boss Trump/US that their soveriegn right to power must be respected as at the same time other soveriegn nations's soveriegn right is unacceptable! Good GOD in HEAVEN does anyone see how psychotic this is??! World leaders must unite & speak up against this dangerous psychobabble!

Author — Grace Antonio


If I was Putin I would have sent the Syrians 2 or 3 s-400 that would have been a big statement to Israel and the USA

Author — Ben Melenius


ziomurikkka - zionist occupied territory since 1852

Author — C C


And German ambassadors giggling, chewing gum when he said they will be dependent on Russian gas?


Author — Ostap Bender


America is more than welcome to go to war with any of the country of its choice....

Author — AJ Khan


'EGO and Pride' look who's calling the kettle black!

Author — El Gato