TOY STORY 4 All Movie Clips (2019)

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Watch the official clip compilation for Toy Story 4, an animation movie starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Available on Digital October 1, on Blu-Ray October 8, 2019.

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang embark on a road trip with Bonnie and a new toy named Forky. The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion as Woody's slight detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep. As Woody and Bo discuss the old days, they soon start to realize that they're worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy.

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It’s creepy how photorealistic this is. It’s like they decided to make a fourth movie just to show off what they can do with the characters and environments. I’m not totally mad at it.

Author — travis-austin


I'm a little bit disappointed because she even not kept her promise to Andy to keep an eye and take care Woody. And she replace her toys in a spork? but the ending is killin' me so much pain in my heart.

Author — Deb Deb


I was so sad when Woody want with the other people and left the OG squad and I was so sad when Andy left I cried really hard with both

Author — Sofia Zeigler playz


I’m worried about Woody’s health. He’s been given a hard time and getting through many traumatizing situations.
Even if Woody was very selfish in the first movie, he never wanted to be replaced and that when he got lost, he had to find a way to get back home while bringing Buzz home(which still didn’t know he was a toy)

Author — Lapiziold


When I’m sad about an ending I make up my own after math so I don’t find myself as sad. So here is what I’m gonna say:

Every year Bonnie and her family go on that same road trip (like how my family is with going to the snow each year) and they you know get to see each other every once in a while and catch up. Then one day Andy and his kids show up to that carnival because Andy and his wife wanted to have a fun day with the kids, Woody wants to make himself known so he positions himself somewhere where Andy would notice him and once Andy does.. I think you can kind of figure out the rest juts a little trip down memory lane or something

Author — Jessica Rabbit


It’s actually real sad because the voice actor who played potatohead actually died in 2017 and the directors had to gather up all of lines that he’s said in his 20 years of acting. just like mr. potato is made up of multiple parts.

Author — Okay boomer


This movie was awesome, it's relatable, when you find yourself no value to someone then leave and find another one.

Author — Zero Two


I was extremely hesitant to them making a fourth film as I was to them making a third film. I didn’t want them to ruin what they had already made. The trilogy was perfect as it was. It had the perfect ending. But after I saw the fourth film I changed my mind. Not only was the fourth film hilarious, interesting, etc, but I realized that it was worthy of being made and added something pretty important to the series as a way to end it. The third film finished Andy’s story. Andy had grown up and gave away his toys to the next child to play with and enjoy with limitless imagination. But as the series is called Toy Story and not Andy Story, it makes sense for them to finish the toys’ story as well. And I felt like they did that perfectly in the fourth film. I thought it was a really great finish to the series, and I’m glad that they made it.

Author — Anthony Hirsch



Author — Cole Spoons


My sister spoiled the end of this for me so I didn't watch it for ages despite having looked forward to it for months. But apparently it didnt matter that I knew how it ended because I just watched it today and I was sobbing by the end of it.

Author — Molly Archer


Andy: Hey Bonnie wheres Woody?
Bonnie: That cowboy? I don't know i think i lost him on a road trip or something:
Andy: reloads shotgun

Author — milopop


I cried so much in the beginning when They gave Bo Peep away

Author — Hello My Name Is


Neither Woddy nor we deserved that ending full of misery where woody is out their even without his Sound box. BONNIE abandoned woody she didn't even kept the promise she made to ANDY

Author — LONE WOLF


music plays:

grandma: aww where did you two come from?

ducky and bunny:( atacks grandma ) THE KEY!!!

me: ( starts to laugh very hard )

Author — Kristin Forsyth


Let’s all remember that evil bear. He’s probably formed a new team of evil toys from the junk yard.

Toy story 5

Author — A_L


Grown ass man and I was in tears at the end! My six years old daughter was telling me "papa it's okay". It was the cutest thing ever.

Author — Barack Obama


"Hi toys! Bye toys!" I love that saying

Author — Ty Hill Broussard


God, the animation has come a long way, hasn't it? This looks so good

Author — The Sleeping Seer


Once I get older I’ll appreciate the movie and nostalgia more

Author — Derp Derp


Toy Story Five:
Infinity War and Beyond

Woody and the gang team up one last time to kill 30 yr old Sid who continued his life of destroying toys.

Author — Lance Abaja