Andy Kaufman's Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1977

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Andy Kaufman's Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1977 5

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Andy Kaufman does his Elvis Presley impersonation and sings Elvis' hits "Love Me" and "Blue Suede Shoes". This was Andy Kaufman's first appearance on the "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1977.


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even elvis said that andy kaufman was the best elvis impersonator he knew. 

Author — jessie james


Folks keep getting it wrong, the joke isn't Andy doing elvis, it's latka doing elvis

Author — kakarot kakarot


Looks like he's imitating Nicolas Cage imitating Elvis. Edit. Glad this got like Napoleon imitating Mussolini imitating Alexander imitating Shakespeare...know what what shaying?

Author — thomas ackerman


Once upon a time there were geniuses in Hollywood and on TV.

Author — Robert Sherman


He was spectacular — a shame he died so young.

Author — Shirliana Glassberg


I wish they didn't cut out the entire bit. The set up is that he does 2 really bad impressions of celebrities before this. It's a long slow burn.

Author — Jim Fath


Kaufman was a genius. Genius is often poorly understood by the average.

Author — glashoppah


From this moment on, l shall answer all questions with "After the show, Baby."

Author — Jesse POYNTER


Andy was more talented than most people give him credit for

Author — paul murphy


What's insane and wonderful is Kaufman is using Elvis's exact dialogue and lines from live appearances.

Author — Artemis Gordon


I believe Kaufman was the first Elvis Tribute Artist--he was doing this when the King was still alive, and the King was a fan of Andy's. TCB.

Author — rockturtleneck


Some people have talent that transcends history. Andy Kaufman is one of those talents.

Author — Kevin Mack


Pure genius....he wasn't understood. He was always thinking ahead. His spirit is still around because he wasn't ready to die. Tragic death of one of the few Master comedians.

Author — Sandra Costello


“You can all just stare at me while I catch my breath”

Author — Charles Green


Trolling 30 years before anyone knew what trolling was.

Author — Charlie Evans


I generally never “got” him, but this is spectacular.

Author — facetime4me


The best.
Such a loss... him, Hilda, John Belushi, ten John Candy...
Those were incredible people and times.
Thank you very much.

Author — Abelis


Late night TV just focuses on boring us with political humor now. I miss these days, when it was awesome.

Author — Cold Beer


This clip omits the set-up at the beginning of the performance, which does bookend the impersonation proper - and makes it both funnier and smarter. Initially, it's Andy Kaufman as the Foreign Man doing (bad) impressions of then-popular TV characters and personalities. He then goes into the Elvis routine, which is spot-on and contrasts with the earlier amateur impressions (making it all the funnier). So, in essence, it's not only an Elvis Presley impersonation; more importantly, it's Andy Kaufman as the Foreign Man as The Elvis Presley. So, the full performance is important to see as it infuses the gag with multiple dimensions - which is why Andy Kaufman was so brilliant.

Author — Bubblez Beano


Fun fact:

Andy Kaufman paid girls to scream for him during this performance, just as the Colonel had paid girls to scream for the real Elvis in 1954.

Also, Elvis saw this performance live and then died a few months later. He said that Andy was his favorite impersonator.

Author — Justin Justice