24 vs 22 fret neck pickup difference

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Can you tell which of the three clips are 24 fret and which are 22 fret?

All 3 guitars have the same pickup

A Suhr SSV Neck split to the neck coil only

Some people say the difference in position is completely obvious

Some people say they can’t tell the difference

Can you tell?

Which are 22 fret and which are 24 fret?


1st guitar is a Suhr T 22 fret
2nd guitar is a Suhr T 24 fret
3rd guitar is a Les Paul 22 fret

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I think the first one is 22 frets and full bucker. I think the third sample is the single coil. Hard to tell between 2nd & 3rd samples

Author — James Collins


Lo saque de una. El 22 es invencible en ese sonido.

Author — NGS 2410


1 and 2 sound the best imo, not noticeable difference

Author — Lewis Birkett


Sounds like only the last one is 24 frets, the first two are 22 frets: am I right?

Author — Giulio Donato


did you record this on your landline phone

Author — AcceleratingUniverse