Speed 2: Cruise Control (2/5) Movie CLIP - We Have a Miss! (1997) HD

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Speed 2: Cruise Control (2/5) Movie CLIP - We Have a Miss! (1997) HD 4.5


The cruise liner scrapes the side of the oil tanker, narrowly avoiding an explosive collision.

Indications were that this action sequel was in trouble before production began, when the male lead from the first film, Keanu Reeves, declined a role in the follow-up. Sandra Bullock returns as Annie Porter, an accident-prone ditz who is thrilled when her boyfriend Alex (Jason Patric) presents her with two tickets for a cruise ship vacation to the Bahamas. The trip is a peace offering presented because Annie has just learned that Alex is a police officer who's been lying to her about his choice of profession. Little does the happy couple know that the disgruntled John Geiger (Willem Dafoe), designer of the ship's computer system, has plotted a violent takeover of the vessel and a diamond hijacking that puts everyone on board in mortal danger. Being the dashing police officer he is, Alex leaps into action and tries to stop Geiger, but not before the ship crashes at top velocity into a Caribbean port town. Sandra Bullock agreed to star in this flop of a sequel in order to get financial backing for a pet project, Hope Floats (1998), a low-budget drama that turned a healthy profit.

TM & © Fox (1997)
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Jeremy Hotz, Brian McCardie, Temuera Morrison, Michael O'Hagan, Jason Patric, Royale Watkins, Sandra Bullock
Director: Jan de Bont
Producers: Jan de Bont, Steve Perry, Michael Peyser, Glenn Salloum, Mark Gordon
Screenwriters: Graham Yost, Jan de Bont, Randall McCormick, Jeff Nathanson

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The two characters taking turns to steer the wheel due to limited oxygen is something I want to see in a better movie

Author — Santos


Wouldn't the boat keep turning since they didn't turn the wheel back to its original position?

Author — Colonel Pepper


Love the music, and the build up. This movie could have actually been great if Keanu came back (no offense to Jason P) and if the studio let the film be rated R rather than tone it down to PG-13 because the budget was so high. This film needed the brutality of the first film to make you take it seriously, it's hard when it's so family friendly. This sequence is the best part of the film.

Author — SB51Lee


The 90's, when visual effects were made with love.

Author — El Pepe


Speed: A masterpiece
Speed 2: A disgrace

Author — Jackson Mares


Insert Spongebob "You're good, you're good" joke here...

Author — OwlEye2010


0:39 ....best acting I’ve ever seen in my entire life...the way he delivers that line, sends chills down my spine.

Author — Bry Ytab


I actually used to love this film when I was younger, but to be honest it's actually pretty crap. It's worth bearing In mind it's only about action, because in reality it's full of inaccuracies about how ships really work. This particular scene highlights two such inaccuracies, one being that bow thrusters are driven by either an engine or electric/hydraulic motors, not a hand-cranked wheel. The other being that bow thrusters usually have little or no effect if the ship is moving, particularly at more than around 2-3 knots.

Author — G H


0:16 to 0:38 why does the ship keeping on teleporting

Author — ben jones


0:45 I really wonder why in all movies they rase their arms when getting hit - wouldn't you leave them down and try to pretect your bag!?

Author — Native Afro-Ευrasion


1:56 the best part of this entire scene😂

Author — Student Keirstin Moore


"Speed" in a large crusie ship; a submarine would have done more justice, 'least there's bubbles for relativity.

Least the crash was legit; burned up a quarter of the $110 mil budget.

Author — LIFTEDIT1


To me, this was still a good movie. My only wish is that Keanu Reeves was in it.

Author — luke ketchum


This cruise ship looks a lot like the posideons

Author — Big8fart I’m not stupid


They should have had 2 or 3 different chases in this sequel going on at the same time, another on the highway, one on a ship, and another chasing the villain. It could've worked instead of this.

Author — James Anderton


When I was younger I thought this was real :>

Author — Baby boo UPDATE


Spongebob: Keep going. You're good. You're good. You're good. And stop!

Author — NewSuperAvenger


the ship is from Seabourn Crusie Lines and Windstar Cruises.

Author — disused channel


Ummm...miss, I think you need to look up the definition of “miss”.

Author — Shadowkey392


For anyone who has seen 2 large ships make contact this clip is just to dump, just a small bump between 2 ships that are this heavy will do damage, let alone 2 ships ramming at this speed.

Author — drake cain