British and American Travellers Explore Eastleigh Nairobi 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

In this video I show my experience of Eastleigh Nairobi 2022 as a British Traveller. Eastleigh Nairobi is also referred to as the little Mogadishu Nairobi because of the large Somalia population living in the area. We tried some local Somalian food and meet some people around the area. It was fun.

My friend Brittney in africa came along and experienced it too, check out and subscribe to here channel - link below 👇🏼

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💬 Comments

I was also touring Eastleigh for the first time when I bumped into you guys, the place seems to have some kind of an order, it looks much better than some streets in cbd, it reminded me so much about old Doha Qatar.

Author — Joseph Gatambia


First time viewer! Wishing you plenty success. Some friendly feedback: as a fellow Brit who lives on the continent, it’s so important for us to be mindful of talking down to people. There were a couple of times in the video where it erred on the side of derogatory. For example, the pointing at the guy who was taking you round when he was talking about Kilimanjaro; the expectation in the beginning for him to know how to be a tour guide when you picked him at random off the street and also the bit about the waiter speaking English/commending and assuming the one who spoke better English was the manager ie equating English speaking as better. I feel it could have made the original waiter feel quite small. If you had spoken Swahili maybe he would have made you feel the same, but somehow I doubt it. All this is said with zero hate, and just to raise awareness about how things may come across even if your intentions are good. We as Brits/expats are the visitors in Africa. We have to adapt and accommodate - not the other way round. Good luck on your journey!

Author — Peonies21


Have you ever met a Kenyan who doesn't say "Welcome, welcome" ?
Our girl Brittney is THE VIBE

Author — Mtu Flani


I love the enthusiasm you have honestly, the ''tour guide'' was walking you and hurray you decided to give your own information as you see it!🤣 I am really proud of you for even learning to use M-Pesa, a safer option than carrying cash around. That thing about pineapples and which are better, Uganda or Kenya or any other place? The thing with fruits is, it depends on regions in particular countries. People that rarely get organic fruits will love all the fruits but when you live in that country, you can tell that say pineapples from Western Uganda and south of Lake Kyoga (central Uganda) are the best. Also, when you are ordering biryani, just say 1 chicken biryani, 1 fish biryani, or plain biryani....🤣🤣 because we comprehend 1 biryani and fish as two orders. And to be fair, it's kind of expected to have the service downtown a little more off. I enjoyed this one as usual. Brittney is an actual vibe! Keep going!

Author — Sunshine Heaven


I left Kenya 21 years ago, born in Eastleigh..the place has really changed

Author — styleemusic


I loved this. Brittney is a whole vibe 😂😭❤️

Author — Jasmine P


As a kenyan i absolutely hate this money asking from a stranger. very sorry for the very few idiot who hide and shout insulting words. love your vlogs so much. keep it up

Author — Edward Odero


I just hope one day the residents of Eastleigh can take initiative and clean this place. Nice video regardless 👍. I love Britney

Author — King Solomon


This was a great adventure @Unplannedphilbland. Great to see you teaming up with @BrittneyInAfrica and catching the vibes. Eastleigh is extremely busy with everything under the sun you could think of. It has the widest circulation of money outside of the Nairobi CBD! Where you were is Eastleigh North between 7th-13th streets along the main road called Eastleigh 1st Avenue. I was born there though I lived in Eastleigh South which is more residential than the North which is more commercial. Hope I was available to give you a proper tour. All the same I enjoyed the vlog, it was such a vibe.

Author — alex chui


The tour guide was literally marking his territory 🤣when he said "picture for what" had me dying

Author — tyra mae


"I live here, don't act funny" Thats how you know someone has lived in Kenya long enough 🤣

Author — Gee Gee


I love the way Phil has a free sprit, good job man you inspire many..

Author — Joseph Kingori


Britney is a vibe, straight to the point, ,
I need a cord period???, We're vlogging period, ,he is with me, damn girl I love it..

Author — Samuel travel & history


Nairobian born and bred and I've never been to Eastleigh 😂 You both are navigating those streets like seasoned locals. So ashamed for myself 😂

Author — freedomm


Alright... I was leaning towards Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 beating Argentina 🇦🇷 this weekend. Great video. You have a very laid back approach to communication challenges. Come on Scotland!

Author — MDavid Om


Great video watched from USA and I know Easleigh Nairobi kenya very well great place for Somalians wonderful place, Great food amazing funny place .

Author — Abdinasir Ali


Ay! You're with Brittney! Awesome!!!
I've quite enjoyed the shared videos you've been doing with Ebaide and Brittney!
The joint perspectives angle is cool, man
And along with your other types content your channel is coming along well, Phil!
Keep it up 👊🏿

Author — J.O.G.S


You supposed to get a Somali tour guide and he shows you the real vibe the malls and restaurants..

Author — Haji Carab


Love your collaboration. Great vlog from you 2. You're both my favorite.

Author — Teresia Wachira


Unplanned Phill & Brittney. My two favorite content creators! You need to add the canadians -> Dave Mani.
Phil. I see you follow recommendations.

Author — Jeremiah Rotich