BT21 UNIVERSE 3 ANIMATION EP.05 - KOYA and the 'E-mail'

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BT21 UNIVERSE 3 ANIMATION EP.05 - KOYA and the 'E-mail' 5


A mysterious email arrives, signalling the rise of the archrivals.

Looks like a case for KOYA...! 👀


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💬 Comments on the video

Koya: *studies Moya*
*He just realizes he is just a cheap copy of him and doesn't deserves his attention*

s a v a g e

+ I obviously know that there's a story behind them two ^^

Author — Fernanda Ramírez


Not only RM being a detective in BTS World, his son is following him too lol

Author — Annisa Syam


All of BT21 after getting the email: *freaks out*
Koya: “hold my lollipop”

Author — Michelle Wong


If anyone is curious, here are a few translations:
Texts with Chimmy, the ones not translated:
Chimmy: Are you serious?
Koya: yes
Chimmy: You're How do you reply while sleeping?!

Stuff on the desktop:
- Our Pictures (heart) ~ Folder
- Finding Love ~ Game and Purple Heart
- How to spread Love ~ Document
- Messenger ~ Messenger
- Harmonica Sheet Music (Chimmy's) ~ Sheet Music/PDF/Picture
- Eucalyptus Mukbang edited version ~ Video
- COOKY ~ Folder
- Mang (it was in korean) ~ Folder
- RJ (it was in korean) ~ Folder
- RJ Shopping_FinalFinalFinal ~ Video
- B2gether ~ Music
- DNA (it was the acid thing) ~ Music
- Don't Open It ~ Folder

On the tabs there was also one tab which i assume is a browser (its the green e). The text there translated is: "How to make manggae tteok"

I hope this somehwat helped you and ur curious mind <3

Author — Kook Dreamer


*Haters exist*

Namjoon: You know what to do
Koya: *I got you*

Author — Isabella


Koya's "Just report & ignore the haters" is one of the best advice.

Author — Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ


No one:

Koya: * doing research on AT21 *

Koya: * sees Moya *

Also Koya: *I pretend I do not see*

Author — Jay Bird


I kinda feel sad for Spooky. He actually thinks Shooky left him behind on purpose. All AT21 really needs is to sit with BT21 and talk their issues over. 😔

Author — BranBuns _


Bt21 when they saw the picture..
RJ: concerned 😥
Tata: 😭
Chimmy: 😭
Mang: scared af😰😨
Shooky: 😦

Koya: let's get down to business.😌🧐

Author — Maria .A.


J-hope: koya looks like namjoon .☺

Kook: no, it's a mixture between namjoon and hitman bang PD nim.🙂


Author — سالي و المصاصات


koya got point "just report and ignore the haters"

Author — who


No one:
Koya: pressing the keyboard so fast while he doesn't have fingers

Author — I'm OMNIA


*AT21 arrives*
BT21: freaking out

Koya: Chills and researches about AT21 while looking like Detective Holmes

Author — Jimin's smAll hands rAwr


RJ has his “evil persona” but then why isn’t it in the video? Does that mean it’s 7 v 6? Or will RJ turn into his persona and turn his backs in BT21?

Author — ღ undercover don’t judge ღ


koya: straight face, cool glasses

me: weird smile, nerdy glasses

Author — Keirpoi


RJ: *plays games but loses near the end.
My mind: Like father like son
Koya: * puts lollipop in cup, wears harry potter glasses, hides software in *frigging NoSe*
My mind: *Like father, like son*
Chimmy: *cutely interrupts busy hyung.
My mind: *LiKe FaThEr, LikE sOn*

I can't stop watching this- IT'S SO FREAKING CUTE!

Author — A.C.E _of_Freaks


I love how koya is like "Don't worry guys. I got this." 😎😎😎

Author — Andre Faelnar


I love how ARMY are here watching this instead of streaming MV’s lol. These little episodes be entertaining 😄💜

Author — Dynamite to 600M


1:30 translation of Koya and Chimmy previous conversation

Chimmy: Ko yaa, are you sleeping?
Koya: oo (yes)
are you really sleeping?
Koya: oo
Chimmy: stop lying!!! If you are sleeping, how are you answering?

Author — 시니 shin


at21: *exists*
koya be like: *plays all the bts cypher medley*

Author — Katie