1996 Supra Turbo vs. RX-7 Turbo vs. 3000 GT VR-4 vs. 300ZX Turbo | Retro Review

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1996 Supra Turbo vs. RX-7 Turbo vs. 3000 GT VR-4 vs. 300ZX Turbo | Retro Review 5

Do you think Darwin predicted how much these cars would cost today?

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can I call this the golden age of Japanese sports cars?

Author — Joey Baby


imagine having all 4 of them in your garage

Author — Tac


Rx-7 is simply one of the most beautifully styled cars of all time

Author — motosonic


Damn, couldn't afford it back then, couldn't afford it now. XD

Author — chunky soup


Wow, Matt Farah wasn't kidding when he said the Supra was practically priced out of existence.

$49, 000 in 95/96 is about $76-77, 000 today

Author — ravesilly


Unfortunately your predictions were right. The Japanese market has been sorely lacking since these 90s cars went out of production. Nostalgia aside, the 300ZX and RX-7 have got to be the most timeless designs to come out of Japan next to the NSX.

Author — DNAManufacturing


Little did they know these cars would still be huge players in 2015.

Author — William Grand


The 3000gt VR4 is severely underrated in todays market.

Author — RobAlpacaflip


I wish I could drive a brand spanking new RX7.

Author — Burt Sampson


3000 GT styling was very Blade Runner. love it

Author — magnuscat


The 3000GT was very similar to the Nissan GTR of today..Big, powerful, turbo charged and a sophisticated  AWD system that kept everything in place.

Author — tom11zz884


The Supra and 3000GT VR4 will, without a doubt, be two of the coolest looking cars ever in my book.

Author — Robert Catalano


All 4 cars look great today over 20 years later....they have those classic lines that new cars don't have as they are aggressive and alien/ugly looking!

Author — DoubleDeckerAnton


The year is 2019 and the 26 year-old RX-7 design is still absolutely beautiful.

Author — Keith McFarland


These cars still look great today and I'm glad to see many people feel the same. might just be me but I've always thought the last RX7 to be one of the most beautiful sports cars ever made, I'd do some weird shit for one of those! LOL!

Author — Tommy West


And these 4 cars still hold there value

Author — animal16365


why are they telling me the 300zx is 10 inches longer than the vr4? its actually 10 inches shorter

Author — robpierce58


The 3000GT was a badass design. The value is going up on them

Author — ◘ EXOSPHERE ◘


Rx-7 was such an amazing car, too bad the rx-8 never lived up to it's hype

Author — Jonathan Pontel


The 300zx is by far the best value for money of these cars.

Author — TireKickers