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(31 Dec 1936)

Long and close shots of Hitler on dais ranting. Elevated shots of people stripped to the waist with spades. Elevated panning shots over assembled Nazis. Close shot of Nazi Emblem. Elevated shots of Nazis applauding. Hitler on platform with Emblem on the front. He rants and salutes shouting "Zeig Heil". Elevated night shots of Nazis marching. goose stepping past camera. Elevated shots of Nazis en mass and Hitler walking through ranks. CU Nazi flag flying. Hitler standing alongside. Elevated shots of troops marching past Hitler - Night shots troops carrying flaming torches and banners. Close shot Hitler in uniform - ranting. Elevated shots over crowds. Shots of Nazi boys listening and applauding. Close shots of Nazi banners flying. Hitler youth - girls listening. Elevated shots overlooking crowds. SOUND. Hitler/Crowds.

#Nuremberg #Hitler

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Art school:"you'll never become an artist" "pick another career"

Hitler 20 years later:

Author — Simcity Jayplay


Love him or hate him he knows how to get a crowd

Author — Mortem’s Soul


His speeches are still mesmerizing all these years later.
Powerful public speaker.

Author — TheBob3759


Teacher: “We’re taking a field trip to Germany!”
Girls: “Ugh that’s sound so boring!”

Author — The Notorious Giga Chad


In case anyone is interested in what he says in the first part:

(To) my men of work.
When I look at you, I can barely speak.
We are all thrilled, in joy about you.
You can’t even imagine how much the German people got fond of you.
(First part of the sentence is cut off) ... a little part creates and that overfills our hearts (in Joy).
That’s the fanfare of a new Germany that is being announced.
The spade has become a symbol of a new community.
And so we renew every year again this old oath of mutual fidelity, of camaraderie, this old common declaration to our marvellous movement and therefore to our eternal German people.

Author — Brokkoli


Suddenly I started marching towards Poland.

Author — kolegata1971


This inspires me to say a speech in front of whole school

Author — Rome316AE


I played this song in living room, my grandpa thought germans are back

Author — JUXZ


i just keep replaying the 1:28 part because it's so satisfying when Hess times it perfectly.

Author — German Potato Digger


Played this during zoom meeting with groupmembers of my study. It turned into a NUREMBERG CONFERENCE.

Author — Marstuber


What is capital of Austria?
What is capital of France?
You failed geography test.
Hitler : We'll see ;)

Edit: Things have changed so now capital of the Europe will be Moscow.

Author — YMonke


Nice to see my hometown in these times!

Author — rolexr


I'm still amazed at the quality of these videos and and white aside, they definitely looking better than some videos from todays' ones

Author — M.Afdhal S


Clean country.
Strong people.
20-40 years ahead of its time technologically.

Author — NB


My grandfahter said... best time of germany ♥️

Author — Stefan Vogel


Not a mobile phone in sight, just people living in the moment

Author — Bill Ding


It’s a shame that some people are reporting this masterpiece

Author — Rockstar MEMES


You’ve got to admit that they knew how to make music

Author — Friskee


1:28 me when someone tells me nationalism is evil

Author — Vlad K


"I promise I will not get all political this evening..."
Me three beers later:

Author — Dalibor Zak