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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Devinity a deep-dive into Falcon with Richard Devine

Devinity offers a rare chance to explore the potential of Falcon through Richard Devine’s eyes and ears, delivering 120 patches showing off his unique style and approach to sound design. Richard digs deep into Falcon’s modulation system to mangle and manipulate effects and oscillators including FM, Wavetable, IRCAM Multi-Granular, Stretch and more, resulting in an exciting selection of modular sequences, animated sounds, bass, pads, FX, percussive sequences and more for you to use in your own music or sound design, or as inspirational starting points.

Music Credits: Torley

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Richard's expansion for Falcon is more innovative than some others. His sounds are more complex, but in a subtle way...you suddenly hear things you weren't expecting in the patches, things that make the sounds unique. For more thorough examples of this expansion, go to the link above and click on the Speaker icon or click on "Listen."

Author — Kevin Courcey


Not convinced yet, like to see someone go through the presets rather than just the demo tracks

Author — zoundsic


Well that trailer told me very little...

Author — Technomadic