2017 MOSCOW UNLIM 500+

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2017 MOSCOW UNLIM 500+ 4.5

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Carmrades, THANK YOU for 30.000 subs! I am really proud of the community behind the number!

Author — Misha Charoudin


3:16 am amoung the rare who do not want to see super/hyper cars in Russia but instead i really want to see the streets of moscow and ladas!!!!

Author — Girish 95


First? Ok... I am way too "Addicted" to these ^_^ EDIT: Lorenzo beat me to it! :D

Author — Auto Addiction


All these crazy russians! Love it haha

Author — Mofoka


No Misha, Hypercars we can see on video everyday, but the Moscow specials are what we send you to Moscow for.

Author — betaich


oh daaamn that gt3 rs colour :O It would be a real pornsche with some gold wheels tho

Author — Bratsoni


0:01 - One second in and my favorite (ZIL 157) is in shot. Can this vlog get any better?

Author — javoresku


Here's an idea for Apex: Get one old LADA 2107 or 2101! I think you would have some people renting it for a lap or two just for fun. Also cheap to keep running. Just an idea!

Author — Hene193


14:27 You're heading in the wrong direction, Misha!

Author — Eric Ortiz


4:10 I see there a Dragon Ball fan ;) Good taste Kuram!

Author — eemeeke


Nice Event, nice cars and as always good Video 👍

Author — 83metoo


Scrapheap challenge was my favorite show, doing that with all those military trucks(maybe even the Huracans engine, as long as you don't tell the owner ;) )

Author — CairnieR


Yay! I always wondered what goes on in this event!

Author — netmatrix75


Thank YOU for the vlogs, very happy to see you went to the MOSCOW UNLIM, cool cars! Good to see something different every now and then! :)
Looking forward to tomorrows vlog ;)

Author — Bram Collier


The ruski content is very refreshing. I mean, I love the Nurburg content it's always good to change it up!

Author — CarlGB


2:53 maybe you could LS swap it ahahaaha that killed me

Author — sergio ratz


14:26 Good guy Misha sharing the "views" with us =)

Author — LazyRock


Still the GT 3 RS has the best sound of them all :)

Author — Jay O


...And then there is me, with my phone :)
Yes, but you are awesome with your phone.

Author — Hari Hinneberg


Love your work Misha. Great content and makes the boy racer in me happy :)

Author — safekraka