'Die Cis Scum' Radical-Feminist Medley Mix (terrin' me APAHT!)

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A remix of a remix! Threw this together due to all the 'radical feminist' stuff blowing up on the Internet lately. Just for shits and giggles. I'm not really political, but I find modern feminism today...hilarious. xD

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In no way do I claim ownership of any footage or images used in this video. For parodic and entertainment purposes only.

Clips from Johnny Fox Rox's video:
"NHB NEWS [EP38] SJW Logic - Laci Green Halloween Needs Feminism"

Footage is from various sources (Channels):
Laci Green (It's Just a Joke, DRESS CODE SEXISM)
(Naku Raphael Nia's Die Cis Scum)
Nicole Arbour (Dear Fat People)
Chanty Binx (Big Red)
Anita Sarkeesian
Snippet Clip from Breaking Bad

Other images borrowed from Google Images-
(i.e. search results "Triggered, Feminazi, Radical Feminists, Oppression, Problematic, Patriarchy, various buzzwords, Censorship, etc.)

MP3 of this Remix:

Original Track:
"SHUT THE FUCK UP - Feat. BIG RED (Live at the university of Toronto)"
by spector969

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Update: Lacey Green is *no longer a feminist.*
All hope is not lost, after all! Some CAN be saved from the cult of feminism.

Author — SunBunz


Ahhh, so good to live in Russia where all of that crap does not

Author — KuroNoTenno


HOly CRap!! This was AMAZINGLY edited .. so catchy too! I can only imagine how long this took to make?!? Really awesome !

Author — EpicCrazyLife


Ah, I'm so glad there are others that would love nothing more than for everyone to chill the fluff out.

Author — Xs and Os


"I'm dancing in my chair to Feminist quotes".
Something I never thought I would ever say...

LOL. That picture at the end. XD

Author — SlavenHarkin


still very entertaining after almost an entire year

Author — Adriano Reyes


OMG I love this so much! This is amazing!

Author — Ayy!Non


Amazing ... you took drivel that normally makes my brain want to crawl out of my ear and actually made it catchy. Bravo!

Author — Thulean Uruk-hai


Your editing skills are overpowered. Love it!

Author — BluePedalsRock


Found your channel today. Love your stuff, talented. I can't stop hitting the like button.

Author — Dante Cicero


I wish laci green really sounded like that. Now that's all i'm going to be able to hear whenever i see her.

Author — Canned Food and Shotguns


I have never hated any group of people more in my life.

Author — Eman Sullivan


Wow I absolutely love your video!! Your so creative.The song sounds very familiar though( I can't remember where I heard it before ;) lol jk I'm so glad I subbed to your channel days ago.

Author — Professor Art


If you're a girl and you have this opinion, my will to live on this planet increases a little bit.

Author — WeighterGreater


lmao. wow. that guy at the desk could of put the headphones down at anytime. but he stayed torturing himself. haha!! good stuff.

Author — Heller cold Recruitment


Another great video from Sunybunz revealing the double standard hypocrisies today.

Author — midguardz


bahahahahaahaha this is actually really well

Author — Highly Engaging Content


never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoyed watching something with feminists in it. My brain is confuse.

Author — Imperial Walker


Well done. I am glad there are sad people.

Author — TheBcoolGuy


It was so amazing and so cringey all at the same, time do I like or dislike

Author — Adriano Reyes