The smart way to find coins with a metal detector Pt 2

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 months ago

In part 2 Gary demonstrates how to easily find coins with a metal detector and has some nice surprises.


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Never get bored of watching you Gary, great & informative as always....the Orx is a very good machine. OMG that Hadrian was a corker...I live in Colchester and yet to find a Roman on my permission just outside the town! My time will come! Thanks again Gary, all the best Marcus

Author — Notched to 11 - Metal Detecting UK


Awesome video as always Gary. Loving those big beautiful roman coins. Loving my orx it’s a fantastic machine, let my mate have a go with it, he couldn’t believe how light it was, needless to say he’s got one on order. Keep up the good work, stay safe and thanks for sharing mate.

Author — Steve darcy


Как же мне нравятся, простые и душевные видео)

Author — Alexey Yurievich


Hello, thank you for making this video and teaching the important points of metal detectors. Is it possible for you to design a metal detector according to another standard table? It really is not time to change the methods of discrimination in metal detectors.

Author — Divar Detector


I can never seem to find Roman coins here in Detroit. Beautiful finds! Nice work. Lovin' my Deus 2.

Author — Kevin Forth


Was never interested in xp until I found your channel . Now I am a proud owner of the orx . Keep digging my friend .

Author — White Man Riding.


The ORX is very underrated !! I found more rings with that machine than any other :)

Author — Digging Canuck Treasure Hunter


Been detecting for years but all useful tips as usual Gary. Thanks.

Author — tony pops


Beautiful finds and an excellent video. Well done.👍

Author — Robert Whittingham


That got my taste buds going Gaz. A really interesting session on the pasture mate. I know how happy Steve was finding such fine Romans. He's a top guy and has a passion for the Romans. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Paul Bancroft


Some great finds!
I love my ORX.
The Romans must’ve invented the belt because with coins that big and heavy in their pockets their pants would be down around their ankles!

Author — Everything Metal Detecting


Great flippin hunt that Gary. Great to see you out swinging it 👍🏻 stay well and be lucky out there Gary🤞🏻🍻

Author — Future Bleeps


What a Roman harvest, wonderful coins 😊. Your pinpointing skill was at its best too! Surgical precision😉 Thanks for another entertaining and educational video Gary.

Author — Luis Suárez Nuez


What a fantastic video Gary on how to extract coins from the ground if you had gone in quick Im sure the coins would have been damaged
well done you 😅

Author — Frank Prior


That's awesome I would love to find a Roman coin and that coin is crazy to think that's more than 1thousand years ago

Author — Fixdown


Great vid my friend.
Those root slayer spades are brill.
I've got the mini version.
Best spade I've used.
Keep me coming mate

Author — All live digs metal detecting


Brilliant video Gal! After 15 years plus Detecting and various different machines, I'm convinced XP are the way to go, looking forward to getting my DEUS Lite! Cheers for the awesome video's mate and best of luck from a fellow Cockney!

Author — Steve W


That Hadrian sestertius is so flipping beautiful!!!

Author — BARIVS


Thanks Gary! What a great short hunt!

Author — Greg Gustum


Nice finds young man keep them very informative video coming

Author — Tim H