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Suisen-kan Aikido 4.5

This video was made as our friend's final project. At first, it was meant as a tutorial video, but later, the project changed into partial action drama-tutorial documentation.
All scenes are planned, techniques are coreographed, and street application scenes are deliberately executed using exaggerated movements to depict somewhat practical techniques, without considering real life scenarios in order to meet the cinematic needs.
This is not a tutorial video whatsoever. The objective of this video is to fulfill the director's requirements of his college final assignment.

Suisen-dojo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Imam Raharja, Ryo, Latifa Zahra, Jhia Nuria, Nur Cahya Budiarta
Dojo Univ. Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Khrisnandio Seco
Institut Seni Indonesia (Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Bandung Setyobudi, Muhammad Dzulqornain

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I really enjoyed watching your video! Women should know how to project themselves. There may be times when men are not available or unwilling to protect them. Thank you for posting.

Author — RC S


i would love to learn from this sensei.
Tank you all involved for this :)

Author — bulletsix


Great stuff!  I have been taught many of these moves in my law enforcement combat training.

Author — Dwight Hasbrouck


Fun and interesting video, I lke it. Very simple and clear ;)

Author — ricercadore


Impressionante!! Admiro muito esta modalidade. Parabens!!

Author — Reflexão e Vida


before I was always scared and really the aikidoo has changed my life. I am a very shy little girl and I had no confidence in my ability in me, the aikidoo is a way of thinking and also to live and practice. I ve learned a lot about me the first fight is the same as one pound against us to overcome his fears and that there is not much by what is right

Author — lilou la ouf


That interesting production. Please keep producing more videos with this thematic.

Author — Aikido Brasil


Very good teacher. Very clear explanation. Precise, yet gentle with students. I'd sign up if I were there.

Author — Trek Ryder


I appreciated the seriousness and the accuracy of the techniques. Bravi!

Author — Preside Manzoni


I learned my first lessons in Aikido in Indonesia and listening to the instructions being given in Bahasa Indonesia gives me a warm and homey feeling. Love the video!

Author — Dennis Pinpin


The real meaning of aikido is the way to harmony.. i love this sports..

Author — Morgan Bitol


I like martial arts, there is a calming aspect to it for sure.

Author — D K


Gostei muito, obrigado mestre pelos ensinamentos. Arigatogozaimasu!

Author — Aliennado 2.0


Adventure. very good teaching, aikido teacher. Thank you very much. I form Turkey, in Bursa. My name is Gökhan Gögcay.



I really enjoyed watching this video. Great technique.

Author — Mark Woolveridge


So, I need to make myself clear. I don't post religious materials in my channel, so any comments based on religious point of view, will be deleted.

Author — tosheee


It's a new lesson to me, and inspire to improve martial arts

Author — Pujiono pujiono


I really like karate...I wish full video .I can practice my home
From Philippines

Author — Nora Ariq


Good use of editing and graphics to drive the essential points home. Great video. Thank you.

Author — PWC222


You a great martial artist I see it in your teaching. I been doing the arts for 30 yrs and you got it style and the teaching part do to the science well done

Author — Joseph Shelmonson-Bey