The Film The Health Industry DOESN'T Want You To See

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The Film The Health Industry DOESN'T Want You To See 5

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I was mightily impressed with What The Health. My immediate thoughts on watching my pre-release copy, last week, was that this film is going to drive a bloody great nail in the coffin of the meat and dairy industries, and, with any luck, deal a significant blow to the charlatans running Big Pharma and the so-called health charities too. Excellent work.

Author — Dean Weston


The only way forward is vegan. End of story.

Author — Vegan Tina


Recently discovered your channel, you've helped me learn how to stay calm in the conversations I have with my non-plant-based friends and family. Keep up the great work!

Author — Hersh Kamra


Hell, yeah, Joey speaking out against the fraud of toxic pharma drugs that keep you enslaved in chronic illness and dependent on drug-pushing doctors. The Multi-billion dollar Cancer Industry is a whole poison nightmare in and of itself. Once you learn you're the one in control, only then can you become truly free. Educate yourself on plant medicine and herbs... abundant on earth, true cures, and not derived from vivisection. And it makes perfect sense that meat has shit in it -- the animals defecate all over themselves in terror when they're killed!
Looking forward to seeing that documentary.

Author — ORPHEUS OWL Rebellious Earthling


Come on Joey, you act tough mate but you're a big softy ;) Also, think you should have added that third cup of water mate - trust the instructions haha! Jokes aside, looking forward to the doco!

Author — Chris P Ⓥ


That film is seriously a massive game changer, next level for sure everyone needs to see it

Ps I'm in the credits as king kais 😊😎👌🏼

Author — Vegan Embassy


Hope it's changes a lot of people's perspective Vegan is the go

Author — Maryanne Maugeri


It's the movie that did it for me!!!! Now I recommend it to all my friends and family. The 2nd movie I watched after 'What the Health' that sent it home for me was 'Earthlings', I cried so hard during that film, what an absolute eye opener. Thanks for all your video's, you and James Aspey, Bite Size Vegan, BWP, Earthling Ed, Gary Yourofsky, etc . . . have saved me! At 51 I sure hope I can reverse the damage done from years of consuming animal by-products, my father was a milk man for God's sake, I've probably consumed double dairy then most people in my lifetime. I've adopted a vegan diet the same day I watched 'What the Health', it's like a switch went off in my head and heart. I'm having struggles with my kids, 28, 14 & 12 though. My husband is sort of on board but he needs some work still, but I won't give up on them. I love all that you do in the move to promote a new vegan world so please don't stop. I'm sending you positive energy and love from Barrie, Ontario, Canada XO!!!!

Author — Lissa Loucks


when is it out!? I've been waiting for this documentary for so long! Haha it's going to be awesome, surely. Hope it gets to Netflix.

Author — MauM / Mauro Miceli Consigli


when anybody wants to get informed about veganism i always direct them to your chanel it's juicy.

Author — YTB YTG


So last Friday, we had a substitute in chemistry and our assignment was to watch Cowspiracy and fill out an analysis on it. Unfortunately, the sub was a newbie and failed to tell the class that there was an actual assignment so the 99% of the class that doesn't give a shit didn't pay attention. They were on Facebook and Twitter and shit. Fortunately, my chemistry teacher wants the students to be aware of the truth almost as much as I do so we're watching it again this Friday. Hopefully people will pay attention this time.

Author — Julia Crawford


You're a legend Joey...I'm loving your videos Look forward to every one. Thanks for all you do brother

Author — lesley h


Hi Joey! just got done watching "What the Health". (Thank goodness i'm already vegan for 13yrs now) I think this is going to help a lot of people go vegan, that otherwise wouldn't because they would refuse to watch the more graphic films. (even though the animal rights and killing the planet wake up call is the most important part I believe). But, whatever works to help ppl know the truth and actually act upon it. Much love and blessing! Keep up the great work 💜

Author — Windstar


"Time to wake up" - That's basically my ch motto for 2017

Author — Vegan CarboRaider


Lets be honest, the health industry does not want us watching anything educational. God forbid we read about the china study. -.- So frustrating!

Author — Vegan Diver Katt


youre so bloody educated about the benefits of a plant based diet i actually love it

Author — Talia


This was the film that made me Vegan and Earthlings 💚🌱💪🏻

Author — Felicia Sweetz


Joey!!! You smashed it again with another wicked video!! Thanks 🙏🏽

Author — Kavita Birrell


when does the film come out joey?? and where can one watch it??

Author — sam matthews


Does anyone know if there will be subtitles for different languages? I really want to share it with my parents

Author — Beatriz Oliverirs