Sonic Forces... in the Infinity Engine

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This video shows off Sonic Forces Assemble Fan Game by river yvern.
The Infinity Engine + was made by TheFizzWizz, originally made by Oban.
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💬 Comments

Tbh this just makes Forces’ plain level design even more apparent

Author — Funny Man


1. The engine is fine for the most part, people just need to build their levels around it better.
2. Oban could have just walked away and took this project with him, but he made it open source despite how toxic people were getting.
3. More time, love, and quality was put into this engine than most other Sonic engines, Project Hero being an exception.
4. Oban made this entirely by himself to my knowledge. There are going to be bugs, so consider that before bitching.
5. Most of the time, this engine runs badly because people don't consider it's properties when developing levels a lot of the time.

Nobody said this was going to be a perfect project. Most of you don't even deserve it. If you dislike this engine then why are you even here?

Author — MochaMilk


The walls and props seems to be Sonic's worst enemy in this engine

Author — Nightmare 42


The Green Hill Zone: Generations & forces combo is brilliant

Author — Bot


“We need you here! Now!”
“Hold on Tails, I’m on-“

Author — MadlyAwesomeismyname


0:53 We interrupt Sonic Forces to bring you to Sonic Generations.

Author — jean_tha_n00b


There's lots of easy-to-notice issues with this engine that the developer needs to fix.

Author — RotcodFox


i have to admit. I may be the only one, but I think forces looks a bit better.

Author — LeoTheHuman_


Now if the Infinity engine wasn't giving too much freedom in the air, and adjusted how Boosting works, it would've been golden.

Then again, the engine is still amazing. Not perfect, but it's amazing.

Author — ariqatoo


This is decent. Wish someone could make level design that really benefits with this framework

Author — IntRoVertsRus


Hilarious to see a player struggle going through Forces' Lost Valley.

Goes to show how bad it is to have too much turning ability when boosting.

Author — Naxiro


it's beautiful, it's fast, it's dynamic, that's what we want in a sonic game. thank you for this moment of nostalgia with this video.

Author — YvanEtCie


I love how realistic the graphics look here, they look better than the actual game itself imo. Though i would tone the glowy effect of the boost down just a tiny bit and maybe fix something with the mechanics or something since it seems like you were having a tiny bit of trouble when playing as shadow. Other than that i think it looks great

Author — Vryskull


some infinity engine levels can have annoying lighting but this one has it done pretty well. no moments where it's so dark you can't see anything

Author — RooRaa


I like how it implemented some of generation’s level into this.

Author — TheSanicNub


The engine is pretty good generally, i think it’s just the game’s visual design choices.

Author — Some Rat


The level really looks awesome, the inclusion of Gens's Green Hill is kinda dumb but, it looks nice.

Author — jhonnyontune


Infinite is finally contributing to society.

He made everything look so much better and sonic is moving so fast that the music is getting muddled out.

Author — Good on my end


I'm searching for "It's better than the actual game" comment

Author — Kizakari Ichiro


Comments: So much better than the original!

Me: Wow, it is literally 30 seconds longer!

Author — DaffyFable