How to Green Screen (6 Easy Steps)

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How to Green Screen (6 Easy Steps) 5

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Who saw that TWIST at the end coming???

Author — Parker Walbeck


Another tip: Shoot with a higher shutter speed to reduce motion blur and sharpen the edges. You can add motion blur in post.

Author — Mendy Schwartz


Just useful info. Nothing else. Thank you.

Author — FLuuMP 2.0


I don't want to be mad... but the guy on the subway does not look good.
I think it needs more post-processing and color grading to match the guy and the ambient.

Author — Bruno Mola.



Author — Lycan Visuals


1:08, looks Like You Have Unlimited DYNAMIC RANGE. Where The *sun* is Properly exposed & Foreground also !! 😂.

Author — Praveen Kumar


😂Ok, how did you get that dog to act in that intro ??

Author — Wesley Productions


Great video Jake!
But a few things to fix next time.
First, a light for your green screen that sits above the top of the GS is recommended. (helps with the spill)
2. Premiere does not have advanced tools for keying, AE has a lot more like Keylight and Advanced spill suppression so try use them next.
3. U said it yourself, the lighting has to match the video below the subject, so if the train station got lights from the sealing... light the subject with no diffusion and not from the side.
Also for darker scenes, try use a blue screen, it gives you much more pleasing darker spill outlines and works much better in the dark than green.

Author — Just Shoot It.


I want a breakdown of the intro sequence. 😂

Author — John Meyer


Remember: shadows on the floor are good

Author — BaneQ 105


Step 1: Download Go to IMovie
Step 2: Download a recording app
Step 3: Record a green screen (search it up on YouTube)
Step 4: Go on IMovie and put in the green screen that you recorded or like

Author — JeIlow RBLX


I just watched your course creator pro

Author — Macy Alvarez


I need your help. I have small studio. when I use Chromakey, I have noise on the rim of my hair?

Author — hen channy


Tutorial on green screening. Comps look terrible. Yeah you unsold me with those shots.

Author — Alex Gowers


guys join the course and u will never regret, FTFM 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Author — Frimpong Films


For better result I recommend lighting the green/blue screen and the actor separatly, because you don't want ANY shadows on the green/blue screen.

Author — ShalevHaham666


Great tutorial, you showed some tools in After Effects i don't know well. And I've never seen any one suggest the 4.2.2 camera setting before

Author — Steve Carver


Hello: I am a newbie to green screen. I have an one minute video footage that shot with 4k at 8bit 100 mbps and this video footage will be use as background. I need to add three people to the foreground and will be using a camera that can shoot 4k at 10bit 200 mbps.
Will it work?

Author — Lawrence p


Just in time. Was needing clear and concise tips for getting this done. Great job Jake!

Author — Johnnie Johnson


Thank you for this, i really needed it!

Author — Kelvin Mburu