The Gulag Archipelago Audiobook (pt.1 of 7.5) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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00:04:09 - Dedication
00:04:27 - Author's Note
00:05:16 - Preface

00:11:07 - Chapter One - Arrest
00:41:40 - (Blank Space)
00:44:04 - Chapter One - Arrest (con't)
01:07:02 - Chapter Two - The History of Our Sewage Disposal System
04:12:29 - Chapter Three - The Interrogation
06:25:14 - Chapter Four - The Bluecaps
07:55:30 - Chapter Five - First Cell, First Love
10:23:30 - Chapter Six - That Spring
11:40:03 - End (pt. 1 of 7)

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One of the many books our “education system” just happens to never mention.

Author — Profit Stock Alerts dot Com


I started reading this book recently and from the beginning, it hits you. The words he used to explain how the society crumbled under socialist communist ideology. Really heartbreaking and very hard to hold your tears when you know what's at play. A must read for all westerners.

Author — Hellish


I listen to this every Winter in the evening from the warmth of my bed. It keeps me from complaining about things.

Author — Ronbo710


It's a shocker how he describes the way people think and behave back then and how that translates to what's happening today. Blows my mind that the swasztika can provoke such a visceral emotional response yet the hammer and sickle fall way flat. Its seen as almost cool than utter evil

Author — jeremy wright


Whoever is narrating this should forever be the narrator for everything. He kicks ass. Its not easy to read a book aloud and do so with cadence and accurate pronunciation. Most people sound like third graders attempting to read war and peace. Which is pathetic in its own right.

Author — Brian Vasquez


It’s always amazing seeing the time stamp at the end. Think about how much he had to memorize. (And he did memorize basically all of it while writing it) he could never write down anything in solitude, he just had to think this whole book. The power of human will… Thank you Solzhenitsyn.

Author — katelynn graham


God bless Solzhenitsyn, a very brave hero. Thank you so much for sharing this very important book. I have a feeling all this is going to happen again.. this time to, not just us, but globally and this will give us strength.

Author — Katie Wray2


If you made school kids read this now at school, they would think it is a fictional novel by George Orwell, even when they find out it's historical fact would probably still dismiss it as 'warped' historical 'facts'. What a dark dark part of history that should never be repeated. Alas I feel we're getting a bit too close for my liking.

Author — Arnold Rimmer


Great Upload! I found this in listening to Jordan Peterson.. he knows what comes next. My Opa/Grandfather escaped the Gulag, as a Ukrainian soldier, and luckily fled to Germany as a refugee and then to Canada. On his death bed at 86 he was still afraid the Russians would find him.
It’s crazy how closely this resembles 1984. Let’s not let that happen here.

Author — Martin V


absolutely amazing and harrowing book. Author is astounding and narrator is superb!

Author — Janus Project


This is my 2nd go round with TGA. It should be required reading at every HS. The woke brigade wouldn't have a fraction of their power if more people were informed of the truth. Never give up your individual power. #AimSmallMissSmall.

Author — Bthorn 50


Thank you Andrew for uploading this. I tried to get it on an Audible 30 day free trial....the book disappeared from my download after a day and then Audible charged me for the ‘free trial’ even though I cancelled after 10 days. There’s no-one to talk to from this company.... grrrr Never again. I read chunks of this as a teenager....very heavy going and extremely sobering and tragic. This book should be read by every SJW and democrat supporter and every soft ‘socialist’ ....that’s how it all starts. In fact everyone should read this. There’s no ‘right wing’ anymore where I am. They are all delivering us to the tyrants. All I can do is speak up, and pray “Lord Deliver us from evil”

Author — Jenn Roberts


I am listening to this for the third time. It keeps me grounded and thankful for the life I live. Thankful for the life my children get to live.

The hell these people went through is horrifying . All you can do is hope history doesn’t repeat its self.

Author — Stephen Britton


Amazing to see how despite having suffered and witnessed suffering to that extend he does not fail to recognize that he himself could well have gone the path of those who inflicted these evil acts upon them.

Author — I Cali


This is absolutely horrific, diabolical and what's most astonishing about it is that it's also prophetic and foreshadowing...!!!

Author — Michael Terry


Thank you for posting!! I read this after seeing it on my parents' shelf as a youngster....then I was delighted to discover I only had part 1 of 3! I have since devoured them and due for another reading...Solzhenitsyn may be the most universally humanly relatable writer I've read. Superb books!!

Author — TupDigital


The detail where he mentions them lying about the cause of death really struck me. The complete perversion of truth and twisting of reality to suit the narrative, all too familiar today.

Author — Ryan Keeping


I feel deeply for the American education system. Born in the 60`s and schooled from 1973 onwards, we were exposed to all of this stuff in England. I`m pleased you guys are catching up and seeing the real world.

Author — Bigg Stavros


Please keep these up and thank you so much you got no idea. This work should be free for everyone to freely access. For that I thank you

Author — Joe George


A friend of mine asked a communist if she what the Gulag Archapellago was. The communist replied, "that is where people go who bring up the gulag Archapellago"

Author — Shrodinger's Cat