Arif Lohar Jis Tan Nu Lagdi Aye Barcelona Trip 2014

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Arif Lohar

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Beautiful punjabi lyrics and amazing sound of Pakistan.

Author — Swed Mir


Superb. . Mind-blowing
Covered all Love stories in 1 song. Head's off sir. . Ever Stay Happy

Author — Sabreena Kanwal


I can listen to this song everyday, lots of love from Indian Sikh ❤️💕💕

Author — Manjinder Dhesi


Super proud of Pakistan's music...Arif lohar sir..

Author — stylish je stylish je


What a song! A heart touching song really. Arif Lohar's songs are spiritual always and can make anyone cry if you get the meaning

Author — Ali Shah


great, gorgeous, amazing I love this song

Author — Raja Hasees


What a beautiful voice you have.

Author — Chelsea C


Big respect from Punjab India...
Sada Punjabi

Author — Nepran wala


Love you sr... You r the legend of pnjabi songs

Author — Arslan Aslam


Im from iraq I love this song I wish to find translated to arabic or english version of this song its amazing

Author — salem Asim


Bahut khoob kya voice kya personality ❤️Masha Allah 🙏

Author — Inderjit Kaur


Here are the Lyrics:
Jis Tan Nu Lagdi Aye Song Lyrics

Mohabbat de dil cho bhulekhe nai jande
Mohabbat de dil cho bhulekhe nai jande
Mohabbat de majbur dekhe nai jande
Mohabbat ne manju nu kaasa fadaya
Mohabbat ne ranjhe nu jogi banaya
Mohabbat de lutte eh ho jaan diwane
Eh jis tan nu lagdi a, oh tan jane ... ×4

Mohabbat di duniya te dastur wakhre
Mohabbat di takri de majbur wakhre
Mohabbat dilan di khadurat mitaave
Mohabbat hi bande nu rabb nal milaave
Mohabbat ne yosuf nu visre mukaya
Mohabbat ne main haan nu vi ajmaaya
Mohabbat de wakhre ne taane te baane
Eh jis tan nu lagdi a, oh tan jane ... ×4

Mohabbat de rone te haase ne wakhre
Mohabbat te jhidka dilaase ne wakhre
Mohabbat ne kadhiya ne dudh diya nehra
Mohabbat nai mangdi kise diyan khaira
Mohabbat di sabto a wakhri kahaani
Na sukhi raaja na sukhi rani
Mohabbat de jinne vi gaaye taraane
Eh jis tan nu lagdi a, oh tan jane ... ×4

Mohabbat ne heera nu zehran pilaiya
Mohabbat di nagri cho gaiyan na aaiya
Mohabbat de ujhre kadi vi nai vasde
Mohabbat de ronde kadi vi nai hasde
Mohabbat ne mahiwal nu ajmaaya
Mohabbat na vekhe apna paraaya
Mohabbat de baddlan kadi na zamaane
Eh jis tan nu lagdi a, oh tan jane ... ×4

Mohabbat hi sassiyan nu retan te saareh
Mohabbat ne vasde a kayi ghar ujaarhe
Mohabbat di sauni jhana wich rone
Mohabbat di laumayi dilan da nichood a
Mohabbat ne mansoor suli charaya
Mohabbat ne Sadiq bulla nachaya
Mohabbat di akh de ne wakhre nishane
Eh jis tan nu lagdi a, oh tan jane ... ×4

Author — Mandeep Singh Sidhu


best thing abt Arif has been that where his great father had left the tradition, Arif has carried forward his traditional music rendering style and sufi music to next level keeping it in sync with latest trends through sheer dedication, hardwork with great sense of music and its trends -mainstream or underground. He is a true Awami singer churning magic with his "chimta". He is a star beyond borders now. Keep the desi music alive dear .

Author — Aezad Khawaja


Dedicated to all today's dear students and staff members

Author — u b siddiqui


Wao beautiful kalam and very well sang by arif lohar.

Author — mohammad ateeq ur rehman


Genuinely appreciate it.
Best of lohar SB

Author — shaqqalaqa


Legends are those who are listening these song after breakup 💔 my wishes are with you bro ❤️ let karma hit her don’t take revenge from her she will understand then what she had lost 🙂

Author — Memuna


ਇਹ ਗੀਤ ਗਾ ਕੇ ਅਮਰ ਹੋ ਗਿਆ।
ਅਸਤਾਦ ਲੋਕ ।
ਦਿਲੋਂ ਪਿਆਰ ਸਤਿਕਾਰ ਦੁਆਵਾਂ ਬਾਈ From ਚੜਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ ।💜💜

Author — Best Videos


This song gave me goose bumps, Especially when I heard it first time in the movies. and when I heard it after having a crush. LoL

Author — Keep Smiling


Still un beatable after 5 years in 2020

Author — Aftab Ahmad Homeo Tips