F-22 Raptors Arrive at Spangdahlem

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An in-depth look at the F-22 Raptors arriving at Spangdahlem Air Base for their first-ever European training deployment!

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First time in my life - F22 above Koblenz... Welcome Raptors... Welcome to germany! What a beautiful aircraft... Everytime a good and safe flight! to sad... i never will fly with one of them... :( Biggest dream... never come true :(

Author — Björn Baldus


Raptors from Tyndall representing Panama City, FL!!! Stick it to them Russkies! These exact jets have flown over my house everday. In person, they look almost extra-terrestrial. I also used to live at Bitburg AFB which is 20 min from Spang. Pure awesomeness.

Author — South Paw


Su-35, Pak-Fa, and s400 will easily annihilate this turkey

Author — PeterD