Cell Phone Profile w/ Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth & Jessica Chastain

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Cell Phone Profile w/ Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth & Jessica Chastain 5

James Corden is presented with a song, photo and text message from one of the phones of a Huntsman: Winter's War cast member and he must guess the owner of the phone.

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I knew it was hemsworth's the second i saw the donkey picture.

Author — Fire Blade


"You are the worst liar ever" he says to an A-list actor. Then she pulled the Oscar card😂

Author — E Laulii


James:that’s ridiculous your not getting fat
Endgame Thor:...
Zoko the body pro: told you

Author — Jenna Smith


I hate Hemsworth. That beautiful, intelligent, humble, hilarious, cute father being, good human. Hate him.

Author — Stew P.


Chris Hemsworth seems like the coolest guy alive.

Author — Ocean eyes


British, Australian, South African, American - nice range of accents here

Author — Roberto Cedeño-Ramírez


I'm a simple man.

I see Chris Hemswoth and Emily Blunt.

I click

Author — safwan Alvi


No normal person comes up with "zocko the body pro" off the top of their head. It was Hemsworth thru and thru.

Author — Humna Chaudhary


South African
American (North)
British (The GB)
Australian (The continent)

Every English accent.

Author — The Dead Prince of Troy


everyone’s talking about the hilariously dumb picture but like why was chris listening to firework

Author — joy


"His name is good john theron?"
I just love emily😂😂

Author — Lavendera k


You can tell John and Emily have a special marriage when she didn't even hesitate to throw him under the bus lmfao

Author — lionxss


"First of all I have an Oscar." Lmao

Author — Kyle Donart


Jessica: "because you're should be spelled 're"

why doesn't this work in the comment section?

Author — Tianna Gonzales


yo how does the song firework go by??
she: EyE Of ThE TiGeR!!!!

Author — Vidit Deshpande


I knew it was Chris’ phone cause I remember him talking in another interview about singing along to Katy Perry in the car with his daughter, but by the end I honestly thought it was Emily’s, she’s a good liar

Author — Marit Aurin


Can we all agree Emily Blunt is gorgeous

Author — Help me get to 300 subs with no Video


I thought it was Chris' phone because you only find weird shit like that pic in Australia

Author — Heleen van Keep


See’s Emily Blunt and Chris Hemsworth

me: Oh this is gonna be GREAT

Author — 우지윤


You can hear Chris go "Ah" at 2:06 when the photo is shown as if he just remembered having it 😂

Author — I'm Not Red Today