New COVID-19 case in Ontario, a woman who was recently in Iran

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New COVID-19 case in Ontario, a woman who was recently in Iran 4.5
A fifth case of the coronavirus illness COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ontario. The woman in her 60s, who had been in Iran recently, went to hospital in Toronto on Monday. 

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Why does everyone have to wait for WHO to call it a pandemic before they start taking anything?!

Author — Momo K


Stop all travel for at least 40 days or so. Come on already!!!

Author — Mountain MawMaw


It’s in the airplanes and airports now. Many planes flying around without being properly sanitized after blindly carrying the virus

Author — Keith Labonte


Omg these people are crazy, Ontario just let's people walk around with virus

Author — Cowgirl27


Isolate her!

Isolate her!
OMFG. *Shut down travel*

Author — Hole in Dans Sock


ban flights from italy, korea, iran, china and japan ASAP!!!

Author — Scotch


Your Government is a joke -- Good luck to everyone with a leader who acts like a man child. God help you all!

Author — Inf7cted


Can everyone stop traveling overseas....for 5 minutes??! Lord, people. How to spread a virus 101 - A+.

Author — Jeanette


December: WHO: nothing to worry about everyone.
January: WHO: people need to stop talking about this on the internet.
February: mass out breaks in multiple countries and are now preparing for pandemic.
WHO: No comment.

Author — Onslaught 306


How bought shut down the airports. Instead of shutting down schools

Author — T Bea


I'm American and it's a damn shame when my country gives very little information on what's going on regarding the coronavirus and I have to resort to listening to other countries social media to find out what's going on in my own country. Thank you for keeping me updated.

Author — Blue Eyz


My moms school is doing a travel thing. People keep messaging her, “oh it’s gonna be fine. We’ll do it” but like it’s not fine, they should cancel the trip!

Author — Sidney Price


well clearly our government needs to step up its screening process. And all countries that have numerous cases of covid 19 needs to be temporary shut off from us. But I guess we learned nothing from sars.

Author — Danny C.


Canadian government is even still flying to China..that's how much they care for the people.

Author — joan jarrette


Its out of control now in Iran. Why are there still flights coming from Iran? Or travellers from Iran still roaming around.

Author — The Adventures


Why are people waiting for WHO?

History is repeating itself here with prior infectious dieseases.



Protect yourself and stop worrying about the government, these folks are clueless.

Author — Nerd's World NYC


I think I would stay outside away from people if I even had a hint I had this. Why walk into a hospital, need triage tents outside to stop spread

Author — Lexi Cat


Canada's Stepped Up Pandemic Plan - Create a New Pamphlet To Give To Arrivals At Airports.

Author — T. S.


Everything in CAnada is slow, including virus, no worry

Author — quantum entanglement


Time to close the borders. Simple as that.

Author — Roger Moses