Trump Threatens to Deploy Military in Response to Protests: A Closer Look

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Trump Threatens to Deploy Military in Response to Protests: A Closer Look 5

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump threatening to unleash the military on American citizens protesting the brutal police murder of George Floyd.

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Trump Threatens to Deploy Military in Response to Protests: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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He didn't order the police to "dominate" the neo-nazis in Charlottesville.

Author — marte thompson


“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible.” He is here!

Author — Steve Harris


He's so militaristic that he dodged the draft five times...

Author — myMelody4life


“Most militaristic”
Too bad those bone spurs kept Rambo from winning Vietnam

Author — 4valhallA


I enlisted in the army to pay for college... I will take a dishonorable discharge before I take any action against the American people

Author — The Timejumper


"The only lesson Trump has learned through all of this is that he can get away with whatever he wants."

Author — Modupe Sanda


When you realize it's not talkshow anymore.

Author — gibrantbz


This episode of "A Closer Look" really frightens me. Because of what is happening in the US. Because of the anger and frustration I see in the eyes of Seth Meyers - he looks tired and worn (sorry Seth !). Because of how fast the U.S. President is sliding down now into a very dangerous dictatorial mode. Because it's even coming very close to a civil war or - worse yet - a situation where Americans (civilians) must face the barrels of guns pointed at them by Americans (soldiers). I'm not an U.S. citizen (I'm Flemish - Belgian), but I'm very worried. I hope that the protests will lead to real changes for all citizens, for black people, hispanics, asians, ... and whites ... I hope that the U.S. will find a way back (or forward) towards a place in time where Respect, Care, Commitment will be mainstream. Hopefully very, very soon. Take care Seth. Take care U.S.. The UNITED States without the word "United" wouldn't mean anything anymore.

Author — Jo Pa


advocating or pursuing an aggressive military policy.

warmongering, war-loving, warlike, martial, pugnacious, combative, aggressive, belligerent, chauvinistic


Author — TheBridges1050


If you ever wondered what you'd do during the rise of Nazi Germany, look at what you're doing right now.

Author — GodlessPhilosopher


"A cult-like ideology that venerates violence"
You mean fascism. That's fascism.

Author — Jessica Mayorga


I feel desperately sorry for America right now

Author — Beatle Stories


1:03 "Healing not hatred"
Seriously? He's done nothing but be divisive to everyone that's not his voter base.

Author — Phil Lewis


This is a RED ALERT news report folks.

Author — Donald Martin


Seth definitely looks like he feels this isn't funny anymore. <3

Author — brandbird


What this guy could do with his 5 months left..awful. 4 years 5 months extinction level.

Author — marlene g


If it wasnt for his cold heart that bible would've caught on fire

Author — sun dance


What does he think that means? Captain Bonespurs is not militaristic - he's a coward hiding behind the thug he pays to protect him

Author — Josie Marrero


Always remember: "I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it." I think he is doing that right now.
And thank you, Senate....for not voting to impeach him. We will not forget at the polls. He'll let you all fail.

Author — Maria Cullen


Trump, the billionaire who hides his taxes,
The genius who hides his college grades,
The business man who bankrupted a casino,
The playboy who pays for sex,
The Christian who does not go to church,
The philanthropist who defrauds charity,
The patriot who dodged the draft,
The innocent man who refuses to testify.


Author — Keith Edmonds