Spike Lee interview on 'Bamboozled' (2000)

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Director Spike Lee talks about his latest movie "Bamboozled," a social satire in which a modern minstrel show becomes a smash TV hit.

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Bamboozled is so underrated and very cut throat satire. In a perfect world, more films as powerful as this one would be made.

Author — Emilio Amaro


The grace of spike Lee with this interviewer

Author — Jena Perry


One of the ballsiest movies ever made. Easily my favorite of Spike Lee's work.

Author — califinn


He’s a complete genius. I love that movie bamboozled. Totally underrated and it’s a great storyline as it is powerful.

Author — ilovegreen324


What's interesting about this is that he's remained consistent over the years. He states there is nothing funny about slavery. Ironically he satired Tarantino in this movie and Jamie Foxx made a critical statement about Lee. Both joined to do D'Jango.

Author — Dregrub


Very underrated flick. Sharp and extremely funny.

Author — Jason Taylor


I love how he only really gets animated when it comes to the Knicks.

Author — Foggen


Have to agree with Spike...i got to that ending montage and i could not stop crying

Author — Kevin Niduaza


1. LOVE Bamboozled. 2. Never heard Charlie Rose as passionate as when talking about the Knicks! Epic.

Author — Nia is my name


This interviewer is low key pushing his buttons by being rude. Spike Lee keeps his cool tho.

Author — Camila Gotuzzo Barrios


Goddamn, Spike is being good to that man. Bamboozled is some of the most "mallot over the head" satire I've ever seen. It was so in your face and close to true about what happened to and what has happened to North American culture. Brilliant.

Author — Myke Adaptiv


Spike got the Williamses right, although Charlie did make a good point about Tiger.

Author — Michael DiSciullo


Charlie *"How about an hour with Spike on 'Oprah', that be good.."*
Spike pauses drinks his glass of water
*"She likes to keep her ratings up."*

Author — VW DT


I bought the Criterion Bamboozled blu ray recently. It's a wonderful release and I can't recommend it enough.

Author — Nya Stclair


Beautiful interview (though a bit too much on sports!). Bless you, Spike Lee, and yes, you are one of the great filmmakers of our time. No question.

Author — gam kal


Spike Lee as an artist and advocate and most of his films withstand the test of time. Charlie Rose? Nope. A smirk from the past.

Author — Tobias M


To see Spike talk about his Knicks and this year be yelling at the playoffs makes me so happy for him😂😂😂 thank you spike for all you’ve done. Living legend. If my Lakers don’t win a chip then I hope you get to see your Knicks with a ring. You deserve it Champ🐐

Author — Ray Shepherd


"Rage" did Charlie ask that. I don't see Spike as in raged.
Spike comes to life speaking about sports

Author — Tanquray Jones


Is it just me or was the interviewer kinda rude sometimes? Like, continually hinting at the "black rage" stereotype, or asking if he would say "brotha, bla bla" to Jamie Foxx... At other times he was respectful so it really kind of stuck out.

Author — therebinthe


A wise man once said there are 3 types of people who tell the truth: kids, drunks, and people who are pissed off. I think spike was angry at industry when he made this. His magnum opus and and it gets no acknowledgement I wonder why? 🤔

Author — cameron Earland