Canada's debt crisis: Is the federal debt as bad as it appears?

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Canada's debt crisis: Is the federal debt as bad as it appears? 4.5

Is Canada's national debt out of control? Should you be concerned?

According to the International Monetary Fund, Canada has the lowest federal debt relative to the national economy of all G7 nations.

Despite confidence in Canada's debt load, some experts have concerns with how the federal debt breaks down per person.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government, the national debt has grown steadily, up $73 billion since taking office.

The federal debt under Trudeau hasn't reached the historic high, seen in 1995, but it continues to grow, causing concern over what restructuring might need to be taken to address the country's money issues, and questions about how it could affect the 2019 federal election.

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Canada: Our debt is almost C$1tn, we need action now!
US: *about to raise debt ceiling for umpteenth time, debt hits $22tn*

Author — William Hummel


"How do we get out of debt" spend less money

Author — Brandon Mucciarone


It didn't get paid back while we made Billions from Oil revenue, so it will never get paid now.

Author — Peter Hall


THAT because the idiot keeps giving away BILLIONS in aid for foreign countries!!!!

Author — otahu Rice


Australia is in the same boat. The bubble will burst.

Author — Tony Coz


no worry the budgets will balance itself. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

Author — piggy


Stephen was the wizard with the budget

Author — BuzzFeedRight


Canada is an odd animal fiscally in that the federal debt level is currently low (relative to other advanced economies...), but, personal debt levels are off the charts. The average Canadian is living paycheque to paycheque, and carries more personal debt than the average American. Extremely concerning.

Author — RN1441


Young people will be paying for Justin Trudeau's reckless spending for years, we cannot have another 4 years of this reckless spending.

Author — MJTT12


And in the 70’s Pierre Trudeau got rid of the Bank of Canada and privatized our banks. The money the Govt was spending prior to Pierre was interest free! Trudeau Sr screwed Canada over when he came back from the Bilderberg meeting and ended the BOC. The Elites won and Canadians lost

Author — Heather65 Renwick


The nation debt was very stable from 1867 until 1976,  when, Pierre Trudeau became prime minister,   he drove the debt up to an all time high. Now Justin is trying to outdo his father. Justin will drive Canada into debt where the country will probably go broke. Not to worry - Justin plans to bring in millions of Africans who will fix everything.

Author — James Keating


You forget to mention that Trudeau's father started this whole "DEBT" mess in the 1970s by selling our country out to the Bank of International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland and we have been "borrowing" our money from them ever since, enslaving us to this institution and paying INTEREST ever since.
Before that, we issued our OWN MONEY and owed ver LITTLE MONEY with most of the INTEREST owed TO OURSELVES! It is time for that we, the Bank of Canada, issue our own currency again and kick the NWO goodbye!!!
It also is time that we elect less extreme left and right governments and think about the "MIDDLE"!

Author — Michael Gancot


How it Justin going to pay for all his dreams when he keeps killing industry, pipelines, and turning countries that used to be our best partners into a hostile foreign nation ? Some estimates I've heard say he may have cost the Canadian economy 50 billion ?

Author — Robert Moulton


I love how Global tries to make the Chretien Liberals look like they did a good job. First of all they stole 40 some odd billion from Unemployment benefits which was technically illegal to pay down debt. Then they downloaded services to the provinces and municipalities. They were also governing at a time when the world was experiencing one of the best economical periods of the time. They also benefited from the GST tax which was implemented a few years before they came to power.

Author — Quad Crasher


Maybe less spending all that money on public awareness for things you held dear Trudeau and more spending on things that make money, like actually building a pipeline, would be a good start.



We do not need to be paying for unvetted illegal migrants! Let’s pay for it out of our Crime Ministers own fund

Author — Fluffy Anne


In a country so rich why is this debt acceptable at all? We should have huge reserves and all debt points to is corruption.

Author — Rodney Jack


"There needs to be a massive investment to compete".

Umm... okay... so why not make it attractive for companies to invest instead of making taxpayers do it?

Author — Hazen


Keep doing stories like this a d you can kiss your Liberal party bribe funds good bye.

Author — Bill DeBerger


They're dipping into the cpp to do this

Author — Joe T