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Secret State - Inside North Korea - CNN 4

CNN's Will Ripley Special Report

Sep.16, 2017

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Why is this journalist asking questions that I'm sure he knows will get these North Koreans killed?

Author — dsgb1981


"the mysteries of North Korea, a secret till this very moment" says every journalist who goes there and gets the exact same guided tour runabout.

Author — Budget Bikes


And why they didn’t block the face of the gentleman that says he wants to go to South Korea?? Like he could be dead or in a prion camp right now for that are you serious??

Author — Mona Halilaj


I feel like I’m being brainwashed just by watching this.

Author — Southern Deathmonger


Kim Jong Un once made a deal with Taco Bell for several Taco Bell franchises inside N. Korea but quickly kicked them out when he found out their slogan was "Run For The Border"

Author — Brewed Awakening


Its so sad that the 14 and 15 year olds look like 7 and 8 year olds. Malnutrition is very common in North Korea .

Author — kenzie karysa


Reporter: Ever heard of breathing?
North Korean: No.. I've been taught that breathing is the consumption of American propaganda

Author — Shuhrat Kessikbayev


Those were fourteen and fifteen year old kids? They looked like maybe 8...

Author — Christopher Williams


2017: 29:20 "350 dollars is a lot of money for a phone"

2020: $1400 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Author — Chris


That dude @10:53 was thinking “Fool you trying to get me and my family killed ?”

Author — Chou Yang


I like how you're talking to paid actors. That's where the tour guides take you

Author — Nik


LMAO my favorite song-The one praising our supreme leader

Author — alex B.


NK Citizen: I want to visit America
Solider: Get the guns
NK Citizen: To see WTF their doing to us!
Solider: Never mind

Author — Metro-North Productions


I always find it strange how NK people act on camera. I mean it seems clear they are thinking really hard about what they say before they say it...

Author — Naouta


“Yep, even in North Korea, kids love video games”

😂😂😂 okay CNN

Author — Brandon McBadass


I would carefully think of my answers if my life fully depended on it

Author — Alex Wanjohi


North koreans will be a good wife or husband. They're so f*ckin' loyal

Author — Ogag Akoeh


That man said his favorite song is the state song everyone sings about the leader.

imagine being asked your favorite song and the only answer you could give is....The pledge of

Author — Lucia Love


funny how Dennis Rodman is only relevant in North Korea

Author — Alrighty Then


I feel so bad for these children and even adults. I hope one day this stops. This is no way of living!!

Author — Anabel