Coleman Hughes: Reparations Debate

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Taken from the Bric TV Reparations Town Hall:

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We as black people never clap for the people making the most sense, it's always for the ones who appeal to our victimization and emotions...

Author — Taylor Made


Crazy that the youngest guy in the room is the wisest.

Author — Juan Suarez


when confronted with facts people get louder and nervous... coleman is a class act.

Author — wally1979


This man had the whole room against him and they still couldn't beat lmaoooo

Author — Richard Gray


One highly intelligent individual speaking to a room of goldfish.

Author — Neil Simpson


It's impossible for people who didn't do the wrong to apologize to people who didn't experience it

Author — The Immortal


Why is everyone responding to Coleman with things that don't address his points?

Author — The Algorist


Those opposing Coleman Hughes interpretation of what happened in Zimbabwe clearly have no factual understanding of what happened in Zimbabwe...

Author — Financial Ed with Innocent


After watching Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Coleman Hughes as n American Mexican I went from liberal to conservative/libertarian.

Author — EliCryptoTrader


I did some quick reading, and that black woman has a fantasy version of the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy. She's basically arguing, "racists ruined the economy" when the truth is that poor decision making by politicians coupled with terrible corruption led to the collapse, which has basically been on the downward slope for 2 decades. The stupidity of the two women on the left is shameful. Get someone who is qualified to challenge Coleman Hughes on stage for Christ's sake.

Author — SeleckPlays


The guy with the blue shirt : “that’s absurd”
*the crowd starts clapping*
This really emphasised how brainless the crowd was, clapping for overdramatised statements that follow no facts or logical adherent argument. Genuinely makes me lose hope.

Author — Vik3102


It looks like they got Colman Hughs and then went to the bus station and said "hey, anybody wanna be on TV?!!"

Author — Thomas Anderson


My friends from Zimbabwe typically say this:
Zimbabwe was prosperous before, but then the government marched in and rightfully took land from the White colonizer descendent farmers. The problem arose when they not only gave the farms to people who didn't know how to farm, it was also because they gave the farms to their friends (nepotism/corruption) instead of Zimbabwean citizens who knew how to farm. Then after that followed a drought which brought a lot more issues for these new farmers, crops were being mishandled and dying off. Then investors pulled out because they saw the changes in the country going south. Even VW who was making cars in Zim left. After that came sanctions by the West, which hurt African countries a lot by trying to put pressure on their governments, which instead puts pressure on and suffocates the people, while the governments still prosper, in hopes of creating an uprising. Then after sanctions, the government started printing money, which caused inflation, then boom 2008 recession hits. So basically according to them, both Hughes and the other Lady are right, but they're both not including other important factors like government corruption, mismanagement, sanctions, drought, inflation, and more.

Either way, I hope the best for the African countries in re-establishing order and prospering once again!

Author — London Treece


The big girl keeps using “holistic” inappropriately.

Author — Ebros


The man actually spoke up and said we got $10, and not just alcohol? Wow. Shameless.

Author — ZeroOne46


Coleman realizes all too well that you can't argue with liberals because they don't use facts only emotion.

Author — brad jenkins


OMG, Coleman is only 24 and has more wisdom than all of them. I am in awe.

Author — X C


"so you know something that all of the mainstream economists, historians and journalists in Zimbabwe don't know" - OWNED😂

Author — Lindokuhle Hlophe


It's amazing the dirty looks he is receiving from everyone when he is making complete logical sense.

Author — Liz L


How ironic that these people choose to be enslaved voluntarily by their own past

Author — mark lee