U.S.A. For Africa - We Are the World (Official Video)

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U.S.A. For Africa - We Are the World (Official Video) 5

Music video by U.S.A. For Africa performing We Are the World. USA For Africa

#USAForAfrica #WeAreTheWorld #Vevo

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Listening during the Corona virus pandemic in 2020.

Author — hayabusa sun


All local radio stations Need to play this every hour on the hour

Author — Kaila Golmicz


Dieses Lied wird jetzt gerade in der Corona am meisten gebraucht.

Author — Der Gamer 457


This song is needed more today than ever. God be with us all during these coming days.

Author — Holly Sickle


So many ICONS and so many lost . This song brings chills and memories.

Author — TDCRetiree2013


My sister passed away last week from the coronavirus...she loved this song!!! this song should be listened to around the world during this time... R.I.P Kathleen Astoria
queens ny....you will be missed...remember that big hug u gave me when I got back from Brazil from carnaval...I said when u got out from the hospital I owe u one...it’ll have to wait a lil longer but I promise I will give it to you when I see u again

Author — Stevespace _


Listening to this as we go through a very dark piece of history in the making...
I pray for peace & prosperity for humanity in the world. #BlackLivesMatter

Author — ProbChild


This song should be blasted on the protest.

Author — Queen Star


We need to blast this song across America!

Author — ilovetreestd


Now that I want this song to be heard by various people, I want this world to be peaceful.
Even if one person's strength and feelings are small, I want people all over the world to work together to face the various problems of today without facing their eyes.
Because they are humans born on the same star.

Author — yuta 4152


I'm listening to this in 2020. Let me ask everyone else if they're also listening to this in 2020.

Hello there, are you listening to this in 2020?

Author — Pedro // DevSodaghost


Lionel Richie 0:22
* Stevie Wonder 0:30
* Paul Simon 0:40
* Kenny Rogers 0:51
* James Ingram 0:57
* Tina Turner 1:02
* Billy Joel 1:10
* Michael Jackson 1:16
* Diana Ross 1:29
* Dionne Warwick 1:46
* Willie Nelson 1:59
* Al Jarreau 2:06
* Bruce Springsteen 2:12
* Kenny Loggins 2:19
* Steve Perry 2:25
* Daryl Hall 2:33
* Michael Jackson 2:39
* Huey Lewis 2:46
* Cyndi Lauper 2:51
* Kim Carnes 2:59
* Bob Dylan 3:45
* Ray Charles 4:39
* Stevie Wonder & Bruce Springsteen 4:51
* Bruce Springsteen 5:29
* James Ingram 6:11
* Ray Charles 6:25

Author — Luciana Velasco


Listening during Covid 19 and George Floyd death.

Author — Chad Cameron


Black Lives Matter. After all this, we will come back together stronger than ever before. ♥️🙏🏽

Author — fresh•out•the•box


2020 this song still hasn’t fully come to fruition but we will get there!! Lord be with us

Author — Hotboy Fuego


I find it funny how everyone else is wearing normal clothes and Micheal comes outta nowhere wearing the most decked out clothes 😂

Author — Kelaiah Wing


Everyone needs to listen to this song at a time like this.

Author — Saliyaah Marie


This song is needed in today’s world! Let’s make this go viral everyone! We can make the change and show love as we should’ve since day 1!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Tiffany Ashley


RIP little Richard, Kenny Rogers, and Michael Jackson we miss you guys dearly

Author — aqucwa jeffers


I guess racist people didn't get it when they said in the song
" We are all a part of GOD 's great big family"...
They enjoyed the song and kept on acting crazy !