Single Biggest Beginner Colored Pencil Mistake - Lachri

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Are you making this mistake?! I'm sharing the single change that can make the biggest improvement in your colored pencil or even graphite pencil drawings!

Check out the videos from my friends who also made #BiggestArtMistake videos for this collaboration!

★ The Mind of Watercolor - Biggest Mistake in Watercolor

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Great point, especially for hyperrealism. I've called this the "one more thing" assessment. This is different from overworking. It's overlooking what can and should be done to a piece just to be done with it. This process takes a few days for me leaving the easel and coming back to it with a fresh eye. Thanks for the link up!

Author — The Mind of Watercolor


Wow! Great advice and what a difference! Beautiful work Lisa! ❤️

Author — CraftKlatch


When I think I'm done, I put the piece away overnight. In the morning, I look at it again and see so many more things I could do to improve it. I'm much more satisfied with the outcome when I spend however long it takes. Thank you!

Author — Sue Anderson


I think that beginners need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of drawing. The goal isn't to finish a work, but to learn as much as you can from the journey.

Author — Jan Kimbell


Great information Lisa, but the presentation was priceless! I know some people might say a couple less cups of coffee before filming but I say I love getting the info and a belly laugh at the same time! Hugs!!!

Author — Michael Lindsey


I haven't watched you in awhile, and scratching my head asking myself why. This was really good advice. It's what I always struggle with, when is it finished and when is it overworked??

Author — YB E


I agree with you! So many new artists think they can't draw or can't create very realistic pieces, just because they get scared of continueing to work on their pieces. I think they're scared of ruining the piece! 😊 It takes a lot of trust in your own skills to keep pushing 😃

Author — EifosArt


One of the biggest mistakes colored pencil artists can make is not subscribing to your channel. 🐬

Author — Palette Junkie


The moment I saw the title of your video, I knew you would talk about calling it done too early 😁 I should get a star or something 🌟 No, but seriously, this is a great tip. Whenever I work on my colored pencil pieces and want to call it done, there's literally a voice in my head saying "Lisa wouldn't call it finished! Keep working and adding those layers!". Thanks for the fun video ❤️

Author — Kuba


Great advice and such a well produced video. I notice so many little things about editing now that I've started making my own stuff. It really is time consuming and much appreciated Lisa!

Author — aartadventure


Found you via Mind of Watercolour and MD Campbell. Lovely painting of your cat. I haven't used my coloured pencils yet, but I think this advice also applies to other art forms - knowing when to stop - stop to early and it looks a bit meh and unfinished - or go the other extreme and overworking something.

Author — Helenka White Design


That is so true, I have just started to do that extra time, It really works, please keep the tips coming !!

Author — Susan Brown


Your tip is so very true, and thank you so much for taking part in these videos!

Author — Linda


You are sooo right! Especially since the “magic” of edited videos makes it seem like it happens in minutes.

Author — Paula J


Thanks for being part of this collaboration!! I have now watched all the "mistakes" videos and have learned so much! Now to just keep on working on my drawings and really finishing them. I love using colored pencils too. I've watched a few of your videos but this one got me to subscribe! LOL Love it. Thank you for the great advice!

Author — Melena Schneider


Great advice! I LOVED this series of videos. I made a "biggest art mistake" video too to throw in to the community. You all did so great and the cumulative advice is priceless. Thanks for these.

Author — Jared Cullum


Love these collaborative series. Thanks for the tips :D

Author — Mams92115


Great advice! I came over from Mark, Steve & Lindsay’s channels for the mistakes series. 🙂 Your advice applies to many media. Sometimes I think something is great and then I look at it the next day & realize that it’s missing something. It’s easy to get focused on 1 thing, like the shape, and feel accomplished when I get it right. However, that may prevent me from seeing that there’s depth lacking or that the colors are flat. Thanks!

Author — Nan Schifris


New sub from Lindsay's channel. :o) Your 'finished' cat piece is amazing! I think the biggest mistake pencil artists make is giving up too early, it's a very long process and i've found myself wanting to give up before (i haven't done much so i'm a beginner but it's still true) and that's pretty much what you've said, spend more time, work in layers.

Author — CraftyKazzaH


I like your new approach to videos - it's funny :O) A mistake I see very often is, that people put to much pressure on the first layers and then can't get the colorsaturation they need.
I just saw how big your channel is now - wow! As I joined you you where about 100.000 :O)

Author — Morticia147