🔥 Should you come to Canada in 2020?

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🔥 Should you come to Canada in 2020? 5

Should you come to Canada in 2020?

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It's not negativity, it's just bitter truth. You are making us aware of reality.

Author — Malay


Thank you for making this video, now i am able to figure out the situation over there .you have just given us all important glimses through this video.i really appricuate your work.

Author — Vipin Kumar


give a little rest to your eyebrows 😂😂

Author — Namra Arman


Thank you for giving the insights and advice 😊 have always loved watching your videos. Keep up the good work 🙌

Author — Dhvani Chokshi


Much needed one brother, , I always wait to get some direction from you. Thanks a lot for your effort 👍

Author — Own Self


Sir, you are prompt enough to answer people question. Thanks so much

Author — CA Akash Bokaria


Explained point by point very well... This is y I subscribed your channel... Even after watching other videos... I will come into conclusion only after watching your videos... The contents are precise, having clarity and exactly direct to the point with lots of research.

Author — Jeena


Straight up hard truth right there. Thanks for not beating around the bush. Hopeful people will listen in this time of Global Economic Crisis.

Author — Junior Kabongo


Very good video. ‘Optimism’ shows where we want to go. ‘Pessimism’ shows the obstacles but only ‘Realims’ shows practical way. There is nothing positive or negative but how we perceive it to be. So, it would be great if you start weekly series targeting immigrant who intend to come to canada in the midst of Corona crisis. This will help immigrants to get real picture about current scenario and make their plan accordingly.

Author — Truth


Dear my 3 to 4 year no good to move Canada, every thing normal regarding ecnomically take time. Better stay presant jobs and home country no need go Canada, I have very good experience 2009 ecnomic crices. My suggestion stay your home country

Author — Furqan Salam


U have always given the best insights we all appreciate for all your efforts, thank you brother 🙏👍

Author — ajit kabadi


Very true! life will be tough in Canada now and for another 1 year.

Author — gaurav Bhasin


sir will it be okay to come to canada in jan 2021 for international students

Author — Gamerdedha 10


One Question:

What if I am self-employed (not looking for job) and I have my CoPR in my hand... Shall I come in April-May?

Or Shall I wait.... wait for what?

Author — Yashasvi Talwar


Indeed, it is true bro... Thanks for the genuine suggestions!! I really like it!
Keep updating the latest news.
Stay home & stay healthy!!

Author — Bahal Singh Rana


Great insight. Thank you for the transparency. Much appreciated!. 😊

Author — Victoria Briars


It seems like I am hearing 'Farhan Akhtar' you have the same voice. 😊

Author — Dinesh kalawat


hi, i was planning to come to Canada in the September intake 2020 for my post graduate studies i have still not applied but i wanted to know should i go for it? i still haven't given my ielts and i am not sure when to apply for it, as in which intake should i apply for?

Author — Tathagat Dak


Best time to come back to India ... As millions will lose jobs in USA & CANADA. Its better to earn and live gracefully in India with all privileges.

Author — Mohit Bhatt


Thank you so much for sharing the right views as this helps all of us who ever are in process for Canadian PR. 🤝👏👏👏

Author — Samiullah Khan Kasnazani