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U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper told CNBC he was “reluctant” to call the temporary truce agreement Washington reached with the Taliban on Friday a victory or a loss.

The truce agreement that the U.S. reached with the Taliban was a plan for “a reduction in violence” in Afghanistan, Esper told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble at the Munich Security Conference. Calling for negotiations to begin between Afghans on opposing sides of the conflict next month, the truce represents a breakthrough after more than 18 years of war.

The Defense Secretary also said the U.S. needed to move as “quickly as we can” to develop 5G technology, otherwise “China’s domination of this market will continue to grow.”


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Best wishes to you and your family and friends💖💖💖💯

Author — Magenta Sunflower


Rats, when cornered on a sinking ship, will devour one another to avoid drowning.

Author — Richard Olson


0.44 If China is using the "rule based order" as Mark Esper had claimed ? Than, what has China done wrong..!!?? Isn't it the norm these days for any country to follow such norm (established by the US) to get around internationally.. ??? Or is there a new secondary protocol 'norms' when China does something better than the US, such as 5G.. ???

Author — PP C.


In 2009 the Obama administration cancelled the FCS Program which had spent 50 billion dollars with Boeing over 5 years to bring the best technology to the American Soldier. Half way through the program it was turned over to Key Contractors who came up with nothing. The sad part is the energy and effort that was lost in the inception of the program.
I qualified my company, Iguana technology, as a bidder for 3 items and a supplier for 1. I have dedicated 25 years of my life to bring a vehicle into production that will stay with the soldiers. My patents are about Low Impact Tracked Vehicles. I succeeded but DOD failed and they do not even know I am here.

Author — Dave Hansen


See you again in United States my dear brother.

Author — Helena James Miller


Esper doesn't notice that the Chinese have made our military woke. He doesn't see it

Author — No waäy


He is the US defense secretary, very senior official as I understand, but when he quoted something said by mayor of Wuhan he used a very casual tone seems like he was quoting something said by his daughter. Esper, you CAN'T make your point by lying.

Author — Jiapu Sun


Doesn't he see the irony that the security assistance, he claims has helped Lebanese democracy, is now actually being used against the demonstrators?

Author — Falk Janßen


Pool guy Do his know the flute in America die more people so far. ?

Author — Danny To


Hi! You are increasing your military barget. So why China cannot! .Hi!.why is US so scare of China. You are soppose to be all powerful. Why?.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁.

Author — Elvis Yik


He does not know what he talking. Poor guy and he needs to update himself. Just like his Boss Trump 😭😭😭

Author — Bee Wah Tan


Esper, how many people got died since last Sep due to American flu? and how many died globally in 2009 due to American flu? and WHY?

Author — Jiapu Sun


The baseline logic is that only the US can develop military force... America, why are you so fear for China's growth, who is just getting back what belonged to him, you're just born with luck, so don't be pride and prejudice anymore.

Author — Yihe Su