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In this tutorial we are going to look at creating TileSets, then using those TileSets to create TileMaps in the Godot 3 Game Engine. This is part of our ongoing Godot 3 tutorial series and is incredibly useful for creating 2D games such as platformers or top down RPGs. Godot 3 is also capable of creating isometric and custom perspective maps, but that is not covered in this particular tutorial.

The tiles from this example are available at:

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Please make some 3D tutorials for Godot 3. We certainly need more of them...

Author — Αντώνης Καρβελάς


You have an AMAZING tutorial going on, instructive, straight to the point, well explained. Learning alot from it, more than the documentation of godot which is really missing few things. Subscribed.
Btw sintaxis error are effing you over in every single video hahaha!

Author — emanuel


I think you have to have the tilemap as a child of a Node2D, then you can just drag the Node2D around to translate the tilemap as well.

Author — Brian Joshua Manuel


Need more godot. the series is amazing and very helpful :D

Author — Vikram Bhavsar


Can you please make a tutorial series on Escoria Framework (Point and Click) - Godot 3.0?
And btw, thank you for your awesome tutorials.

Author — Arthur R


This is what I am waiting for :) Thanks you

Author — Joshhies


I'm trying to follow this tutorial step by step. Setting up a tile map is extremely unintuitive error prone but even so, I have managed to get to the 06:15 point - creating collision boundaries. 

1) I cannot find ArrayPropertyEdit in the inspector. It was only visible for 10secs in the video but why? Do we need that? I cannot find it.

2) Between 06:10 and 06:30 things go badly wrong... there is no way I can draw the collision mesh. (a) His tooltip says "create a new polygon from scratch" mines say "Create points". (b) His Inspector shows Polygon = Vector2, mine shows PoolVector2Arr.

Author — Robin Smith


Great lessons to get basics, thx man)

Author — Pavel Greddd


This whole tileset import process is ridiculously repetitive. Seems like something that ought be automatable!

Author — Shayne O'Neill


Thanks for yet another tutorial about godot engine. Maybe you will consider create tutorial about "AutoTiles" also.

Author — Blade Runner


How'd ou shift the lines of code over at the end there? When I insert an if statement I forgot to earlier, I manually tab each line in. Whats the shortcut you used? Did you just select them all and press Tab?

Author — Nicholas Williams


Came to this tutorial specifically to figure out the issue you came across at 18:40....

If you’ve figured it out, please let me know! Otherwise, great tutorial

Author — ykjt91


Insted of using
var mousePos =
you Sould use
var mousePos = get_global_mouse_position()
as you Can Accualy move Around with the Cammara then.

Author — TitanRoboDuck


If you were wondering why the engine threw an error at ~15:00, it's because you were missing a second closing bracket for the print() function. I'm not enamored with the error messages in GDScript since I often don't understand what they want to tell me, but in this case, I think they're saying they're expecting a comma because they think you forgot to complete a function like "print(a, b)" by only writing "print(a", whereas you actually wanted to complete the function "print(a)".

Author — Tobias Dänzer


how much for the book in Australia.
Great tutorials.

Author — Dazza J


Gotta love that shitty unity ad on this Godot tutorial.

Author — ZXY101


I feel like using the TileSet tool inside Godot then using autotile is much easier than what you did in the video

Author — Splinter4077


Hello! Can I use backgrounds that are already made? I mean that I don't have to make it in godot anymore editor anymore?

Author — Shinobi Inu


Hey Gamefromscratch. How do you use music audio to continue playing when entering the next level (scene)?

Author — CrappyAnimator2


Wow... slow down on coffee budy... thanks for the video.

Author — Marcelo Gamer