Dorian Approaching Barbados - Future Beyond Caribbean Still Uncertain

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Dorian Approaching Barbados - Future Beyond Caribbean Still Uncertain 5

Levi Cowan creates videos and blogs pertaining to tropical cyclones, primarily hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Posts occasionally concern other, non-tropical weather events around the world. Levi is currently a Ph.D. candidate in tropical meteorology at Florida State University, and completed his bachelors degree in applied physics with a concentration in atmospheric physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Looks like Dorian doesn't appreciate you making him sound weak. Explains the one downvote lol.

Thanks for the update, man!

Author — dirtyarcade


Thank you for sharing and explaining scientifically in depth to help us understand our weather. I'm so glad I found your channel.

Author — Debbie


a week later and its one of the strongest ever

Author — Benjamin Snell


Thank you Levi!!! Very much appreciate the information you provide every season. Cheers from Deerfield Beach, FL!

Author — uk7769


Thanks Levi. Checking in from Orlando!

Author — Mike Toledo


Great video very informative thank you!

Author — Tampa Bay Storm Chaser Navin


Thanks for the update! Awesome work. Eerily calm (and hot) in St Lucia as of 9:30pm local time

Author — Jen Li


Thanks for the update!! Jville Florida checking in!!

Author — Rosa Blackwell


Thanks Levi! Wilmington NC checking in

Author — Hunter Davis


Checking in from S FL, in the cone so keeping a close tab on this situation. Who would down vote this? Awesome info, based on real science- with no hype. As mentioned still several days away from the USA with not much confidence in intensity forecast.

Author — John Moore


Let me be "that guy", and claim that PR is indeed part of the US, so Dorian will have approached the US long before it gets to the Florida coast.

Author — Dan Edwards


A Patreon supporter here Levi. John Hope and John Coleman smile upon you - you're tropical storm analysis makes them both proud and yet at the same time a bit envious because you have so many more new technologies at your disposal. God bless you Levi.

Author — William Spann


Thanks Levi! Jax here. We're hoping this is a kind September.

Author — J.R. Duren


been following you for a while, lots better than those other weather jackasses!

Author — Fish Killl


Excellent analysis, as usual. I live in the southwest of Barbados, and hardly got anything from Dorian. I saw a report of a 55 mph gust, but I doubt my location got any more than 35 mph overnight. This morning, post sunrise, we got higher gusts (perhaps up to 45 mph), but all-in-all, we fared quite well.

Author — Wayne Phillips


That second recon plane made the flight look like a turtle

Author — Óscar


Thank you for a non 6th grader analysis of the storm which is what I get on local news in Orlando

Author — Ken D


No hype. No hysteria. Just maps, arrows, satellite pictures, and drop data!

Author — Joe Momma


Checking in from South Florida. An event going on in Miami may get cancelled due to Dorian if it continues on its current track.

Author — Robyn Wolph


Thank you Levi, Environment Canada has issued special tropical storm statements for eventual Erin, it could possibly drop 2 to 4 inches of rain no biggie. That's if it even develops so no hurricane Juan scenario by any means, the Bermuda high sometimes does not allow for some storms and Cape Verde storms to miss Cape Cod or Nova Scotia. Regardless its always good to have a survival plan short or long term.

Author — Michael Brown