The day Gaijin Banned an Innocent Player

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Some comments have pointed out that it doesn't make sense to not have the money to spend on PC parts while buying in game items.

Aside from the fact that the occasional 20$ of golden eagles is not equal to a lump sum $500-$2000+ gaming PC, Fog lives in a part of the world where importing PC components is significantly more expensive than in America or Europe.

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Author — ZoltanSultan


If I had a dollar for every time someone accused me of hacking, I would be able to buy a Pak Puma.

Author — dkart96


Gaijin: "ULQ gives no advantages whatsoever."

Also Gaijin: Bans player for using ULQ.

Author — Oddball_E8


Really puts perspective on how video games are more than just games. They are an integral part of a players story regardless of the good or bad, we all have something to say about this game.

Author — Ash


gaijin bans people for seeing through snow yet there is an option that lets you see through snow

Author — pogey_


I often complain about Gaijin, but I have to say that the countermeasures were very good here.

Author — Midas Pool


Well it's good to know there are some employees at Gaijin who genuinely do care.

Author — Clonescope


Gaijin really need to do better with their vetting process. Toxic players go completely unscathed but many innocent players are punished with little or no evidence. Many think spawncamping and bugs are the worst part of this game, but it's genuinely the Community Management that really sees the playerbase suffer.

I loved this piece, btw. Your channel is fantastic.

Author — OddBawZ


I feel bad for the guy, and at the same time worried because even though they added easy anti cheat this could still happen to anyone.

Author — Nesy boi


Yeah Abusing report feature is completely toxic. While out there, there are few toxic/teamkiller/troll squadron that are still active. Untouched by the report feature.

Author — Mamons_


"maybe i insulted someone?"
As someone who insulted whole lobbies, that aint it son

Author — The real Slim Shady


I was once banned for 2 months by [presumably] a Gaijin Dev, for laughing at them after they plowed into the ground in ARB... Ever since then, my respect for Gaiiin and their Devs has been rock bottom.

Author — Alex


This is actually a really cool story to hear. It's good to hear it had a happy ending and I'm much more glad we have EasyAnticheat now. Thanks for the amazing video!

Author — Julian Reyes


the poor guy got reported by over 50 users and this video has 52 dislikes ! hmmmm somethings sus about the dislikers.

Author — it's me snitches


when i pull a bs shot from across the map, i usually yell to myself "I'm Asian hackerman"

Author — Bleary


I can imagine some poor innocent who usually plays solo gets banned and have no squadmates to help back him up..or anybody else for that matter.

Author — Fiona


The fact that he was reported 50 times is what worries me the most, its more than likely that he isn't the only case of being mass-reported just because the other person was mad.

Author — Zombie Ranger


I want to point out that I very do appreciate the way he animated all of the scenes and make it looks 3D-ish

Author — XF90


I've been accused of cheating before, I usually just laugh at them and tell them to report me sarcastically. I'm not doing that anymore.

Author — TheSpoonKing


Yeah the moderators in this game are poor at best. There's a few in particular (although I won't name names) that are occasionally stupid or malicious and are just bad representative of the community. Perhaps going forward Gaijin might review the current mod team.

Author — Alex Snowden