Disco Hue - I'll Be Waiting [Official Music Video]

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"I'll Be Waiting" Official Lyric Video by Disco Hue
Written by Stasha Wong
Composed by Disco Hue
Produced & Mixed by THIEVVES

Director and Producer:
THIEVVES Productions

Director Of Photography:
Basil Tan
Iyaad Salleh

Editor and Visual Effects:
THIEVVES Production

Art Director:
Marina Ah


Members of Disco Hue:
Sherlyn Leo as Kosmic Kitten
Auzaie as Doctor Detergent
Rush Ang as Lucky Lightning
Billy Chua as Kabuto Kiddo

Manny The Mannequin as Manny

Ritz Ang as Evil Red Minion
Nicholas Wong as Evil White Minion
Bryan Ulric Sta Maria as Evil Green Minion

Character Select Music by Sydwyndyr

Special thanks to 'Homerun Baseball' & 'Cups N Canvas' for the amazing set and hospitality!

#DiscoHue #I'llbewaiting #Arcade

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© 2016 copyright under Disco Hue

💬 Comments

Tbh this is so underrated! U guys deserve so much more!

Author — Zavier Chan


lead singer's voice is fantastic! i have a feeling this group is gonna go far

Author — Eric Counsel


IDK BUT YOU GUYS ARE MAKING SINGAPORE PROUD LIKE ALOT hahaha i fell in love with this song now didn't believe this is from my homeland at first XD

Author — 25thChestNut


Love from Singapore!! <3 Had no idea this song was locally produced... honestly thought that it was an American band and I was shocked to see that it had less 1million views.. You guys deserve more recognition! <3

Author — tiramisumusical


Love this song. Amazing melody. Keep it up.

Author — Roger Sings


Love the singer's voice! Awesome song!

Author — Jessyka Alycia Amaral


Guys. You all are talented af. I'm so in love!

Author — Figo


heard this song on the radio and i simply love it!

Author — Peiyi Chua


This is such a good song. I saw you guys perform at the Carre Disco. My friend was rushing me to leave so it took me a year to find this lol

P.s i just bough your Arcade EP <3

Author — MM


Love from the Philippines. There are sooo many talented artists in Singapore! And they're on of those promising artists for sure. :')

Author — judgmental taeyeon


heard your song from 987fm and thought you guys are from America wow your voice is amazing im honestly so in love with this song!! (literally took me 2 hours to find this song and im finally satisfied)

Author — Jasmine Lee


Love this song! Such a cool relaxed American sound from the lion city! 🇸🇬🇸🇬

Author — Dan Marshall-Singh


I love it, this song deserves much more attention

Author — qwerty


Mega love for the song & the Scott pilgrim direction! Local music support!

Author — Helloeann


Local music really stepping up game. KUDOS to you guys!! Awesome music and keep em coming!!!!

Author — SHK


OMG she deserves more views than other artists... SHE IS AMAZING!!! I love how her music video is like mixed of chinese and english subtitles...

Author — Christina Chong


Saw you guys at staged yesterday, enjoyed your music so checked you guys out and wow!!! Love your music 😌

Author — Muse Hathor


I can't get this song out of my head, love the song

Author — Kendrick


I'm Singaporean and I just discovered you guys! Let me know if you have any gigs. Would love to see you guys live!

Author — Erin Kaur


I wish you all the best of luck and I hope to see you all soon.
Lots of love and support Texas and Puerto Rico! <3

Author — krizia92