Titanium (ACAPELLA) - David Guetta ft. Sia

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Hope you enjoy my acapella cover of "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia. Ever since they did an acapella snippet of this in the movie Pitch Perfect, I knew I had to do a full cover. Needless to say it's been on my to do list for a while now 😆 Thanks for watching!

TIKTOK: @jaredhalley

All original song compositions by: Sia / David Guetta / Afrojack / Giorgio Tuinfort

Percussion arrangment by: Jared Halley
Engineered & mixed by: Jared Halley
Mastered by: Bill Hare
Filmed, edited & produced by: Jared Halley

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Loved every minute of this. I love looking for you in each square and watching to see where each one counts to the song. Beautiful. Thanks

Author — Sandra Mrotek


So you're telling me he's a good dancer, singer, semi-beat boxer, AND good looking?
I don't see any reason for people to not like him and his vids...

Author — Dude bro


This is such a banging cover while still having that emotional quality that I love about the lyrics. And I can't help but wonder how your vocal quality seems to just grow and grow with each new song? You're great, thank you for sharing!

Author — Emily Martin


you're not titanium, you're the the greatest diamond in the world

(I hope I wrote it right)

Author — Um Gamer Que Gosta De Quadrinhos


Jared, my friend. Titanium is really a song I have in my heart for personal reasons and your cover really lift up my mood and smile even more!!!
I love this one a lot!!!
Great job!!!😁

Author — Javier Mora


we come for the Jared. we stay for the music. we rewind for the dancing

Author — Nishant Ray


It’s kind of like watching a barber shop quartet except there are sixteen of them, they’re all the same person and one of them is dancing

So nothing like a barber shop quartet
Except how audibly pleasing it is!

Author — Mr Imperium


LOVE what you do! The amount of understanding you have to have of music theory to create, perform and engineer these pieces is mind-boggling. You are a musical genius. Voted. Good luck!

Author — Wyndi Gayle


Watching dancing Jareds gives me joy :D

Author — AndaraBledin


Such a great mood lifter. Well done, Jared!

Author — Sel S


Jared is something Special.

Always held this song close to my heart whether I'm happy or sad. This song always have a way to pick me back up. Amazing Acapella cover! Well done 👏

Author — SupaTaigaHunts


What a terrific way to make my day! This is such a good song and your cover is just fantastic!! Sure appreciate your high standards and such a wonderful array of genres; with seriously awesome dance moves as well :) Thanks Jared, I really love this!

Author — Susan Applegate


this fits so well with Jared's style, the instrument tracks really lend themselves to this kind of acapella

amazing job btw :p

Author — Abi Blue


Still impressed by how the whole thing is done. By the way that shirt is a banger.

Author — Panda Chichō


So cool how you just replace instruments with your voice. That shows how we can make a lot of cool musical noices😄

Author — Jona Roosch


I've got a question: Do you record the Vocals first and do the little dace parts after or do you dance to the original or even silence? Love it

Author — Anna Anna


How aren't u 1+mil allready?
You're insanely talented, that even some of the best singers open their mouths of amaze

Author — Favs


I recently was listening to this song and your covers (no correlation), so it made my day when I saw the notification that you uploaded this song

Author — MagicL


If this wasn't a already existing song, this would fit very nicely on your album Rise Up!
Great job man, always enjoy your video's amd songs!!!

Author — Kaa


i love that the top left Jared is just dancing to the other Jareds XD

Author — Yawn