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Puff Adders have one of the most painful and destructive venoms on the planet and in this video we see exactly what happens when someone is bitten by one of these snakes.

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Despite making a costly mistake.... I can’t help but like this guy!!! He had a great heart to release the Puffy and he handles the pain and stress of the bite like a champion!!!

Author — Dingo Dinkelman


Guys a total rock star and jackass at the same time. Gotta love him. He should have his own channel, titled, “I have no idea how...”

Author — Chris 279


I imagine his ignorance is what also kept him calm. Didn't know the seriousness.

Author — Teelaire


He was acting like a kid with that snake. He was rough handling him.

Author — Spark Truth1123


It’s always a good day when I start out watching Dingo!

Author — Levi Scoggins


He was in so much pain and yet he did not kill the snake. Got to give this man a huge respect. He knew the snake reacted out of pure instinct, not hatred. Hope he'd get well soon.

Author — Yellow, Cricket !


I cant believe he changed his clothes lol. That would be the last thing on my mind.

Author — Pebbles Pebbles


That he let his child so close to such a dangerous snake- it shocked me- thanks for educating us! Great video

Author — Colleen Scaffa


The guy had a huge heart but a small brain~~~

Author — russ carter


I've seen this one a few times, it still amazes me how calm he was after the bite, taking time to get changed and then catching it again to get more photos before going to the hospital. Maybe he didn't realise how bad the effects of the venom was, but he learnt the hard way!

Author — Steve Knight


"Apparenyly they get angry when you handle them too much" my lord...

Author — jordi de waard


I am so glad that the Cat is doing well.🐈

Author — Tariq Khan


I know it's gross but I'm so glad you show what happens with venemous snake bites to put people off and leave nature alone showing off to their friends ect. Leave it to the experts people! P.s love the happy bouncy music in the end.

Author — Tracy Llewellyn


What's even worse than the bite is this guy's ignorance. Can you imagine if it bit his small child ??? WTF was he doing playing with "dynamite" and allowing his child to be so close ??? If this guy wants to take his life, that's his business, but allowing his kid to get that close when he was inside his house holding the snake is reprehensible.

Author — Drewg351


Augh, it's hard to watch D: never ever try to catch a venomous snake without proper training! So many red flags!

Author — Leo Geck


I love that this man was still concerned about the snakes life almost as much as his own

Author — Ancient deception


Being an extreme cat lover when his pet cat got close to the snake my heart skipped a beat. I’m sorry he got bit but when you do things like that you have to accept the consequences

Author — Greg Williams


I love watching Dingo handle venomous snakes, but I have zero interest in handling one myself

Author — V.A. HOSS


This is the most craziest video I ever seen and this guy had no business messing with this snake. I always feared snakes and have respect for them since I been watching your videos and others people channels on YouTube. Thank you for sharing so people can have a better understanding of these reptiles.

Author — Eddie Young


Well, as Alexander Pope, among others, put it:

"A little learning is a dangerous thing;

drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:

there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,

and drinking largely sobers us again."

The guy sort'a kind'a knew what to do, but not enough to do it right, and not enough to make him pause and ask "Should I even be touching this?" I'm glad he didn't die, and I hope others will learn from this to either get educated properly or stay away. Good video Dingo, thanks.

Author — Gary Smith